iWatch: Let the future unfold!


Wearable are presumed to be the next big thing in the technology world. This is because it offers a permanent companion to keep a “watch” on your self.

Why on earth would anyone want to keep a track of heart beats? If your heart is working, the proof of the pudding is that you are alive. Apple’s unleashed it’s army of marketing drones that serve as echo chambers of “rumours” and to make you believe that its the next best thing on the planet. That’s a perfect opportunity for the idiots to donate the vital signs to insurance companies who have your biometric information mated to your location and stats, data that they could have never ever envision to have collected.

What’s in a watch? Really? It’s a means to display the time, day and date. A fancier option could get you a chronograph. How does having one make you smarter?

Oh, it gives you the ability to shuffle tracks. Big deal? It also notifies you of the email. Wonders! My BlackBerry blinks the red light (and now I can customise the colors through the notification settings). You’d struggle through the email like the Mail app, which is the most God forsaken piece of software junk stuffed down by the coding monkeys from Cupertino. Poor sods can’t even implement an Exchange protocol correctly. That’s what the watch is possibly going to do. Bring in more inefficiencies!

We at the UTB blogs never ever fail to marvel at the collective displays of naivete that pervades the conformists of the world- getting the iPhone. It is an overpriced junk with an inability to perform basic applications effectively. How it has managed to make obscene profits from its owners defies rational explanations. It beats the old adage, that you can fool the same set of people time and again.

Possibly, Apple has definitely lowered the expectations of its owners towards owning a real product. A smart phone that actually works. With poor battery life and constantly plugged in to charge the iCrap, it has attuned it’s legion of followers that they ought not bother about real efficiencies. No wonder, the iwatch is likely to pan out in couple of hours that precludes it’s usage for real world. But our iSheep brethren have washed their brains off to submit to the locked up ecosystem.

The real world equipment to monitor the vitals includes complex circuitry that defies the space constraints. They have to be certified by appropriate authorities for their reliability. A heart rate monitor would be disastrous for a majority of population that is affected by disease causing variations in rhythm. In case of emergency, there’s a likelihood of undue reliance on your shiny iWatch that would render any reading useless for making an informed decision. Agreed, it’s not being marketed as a health equipment, but there’s no stopping anyone to misuse it. I was horrified to read about the apps that seek to replace the trained health care professional for diagnosis of skin lesions. Apple has not any mechanism in place to police such apps and given their army of lawyers, are unlikely to submit to the law of the land to prevent all kinds of shady apps that seek your health information. Privacy policies are not legally enforceable and even though it may claim, anynomous usage, it’s unlikely to be so.

The users have to realise one thing.- they are the product and all these companies appear to be front end for data collection at such unprecedented scales which defies simplistic explanation. We had warned you about iPay and how easy it is to use any credit card by default. We are warning you now again. Your biometric signatures would be easy to be replicated and your identity theft would be for real. A complete total annihilation.

Yet, you live like an iSheep.  You helped to be willing partners to spawn the corporation’s efforts to seek out your data affecting everyone else in the process and that’s why the scorn is reserved for you.

Seek the light and see the reason. The writing on the wall is clear.  Avoid Apple, Facebook, Google and the social networks.


BlackBerry Forever!

  • Trev

    First off, a five hour battery? That’s horrible. When the battery finally dies, you’ll have a shiny, completely useless screen attached to your wrist. That just screams professionalism.

    Secondly, the amount of data people are willing to share anymore is crazy. Now big companies can see heart rate patterns and activity levels for various places, which I’m sure somehow translates to more advertising.
    Lower heart rate in a certain area = less active = more time spent in an area = more advertisements!

    Nice post, Stereotactic! locco_smiley_10

  • Anthony

    Soon we’ll see the Apple Watch charging right beside the iPhone on a table. locco_smiley_33

  • ray689

    Lol now airports will be full of wall huggers literally as most will have both phone and wrist attached to the wall.

  • davemorgan

    Great article Stereotactic. Still don’t really understand the need to have messages repeated to your wrist, when I can check my smartphone.

    If they get to a battery life of approaching a week I will consider one, till then I will pass.

    • Anthony

      I won’t buy a smartwatch unless it never needs charging.

      There are solar powered “traditional” watches with digital features that never need charging. These watches could incorporate notification features and still be self charging.

  • jrohland
  • web99


    Excellent post. By the way, the article that you referenced is a great read. It drew the wrath of the iFans in the comment section.