“I’ve got Nothing to Say…but something I wrote”

     It is a very rare occurrence that I find myself without something to say….. if ya know me…you’d understand.   so here I am writing a blog post about nothing….  its not writers block….its something different…. I believe you human folk call it content.   So why write?…… well ma Z30 looked awfully lonely….. she was like “hey Lilly!…. wanna play and stuff?”…. well how could I resist…right?

Today my good friend Brad, over at UTBBLOGS.COM exposed a terrible injustice directed at BlackBerry. A silly survey conducted by CIRPllc.com that launched a 1000 ignorant media stories claiming BlackBerry had a 0% market share in the US.   Turns out this company surveyed just 500 people on social networks to produce their obvious desired result.   You can read the last of 3 posts here:LINK. This is not the point of ma post… as this post is about nothing.
I felt such anger in my little healing heart seeing this fraudulent claim of 0%.    I felt hate, and truly wanted nothing but vengeance…. the ugly side of humanity boiled through my veins… and I did not like like it… it was wrong and ugly.
I found myself very much ashamed…. not for any action but for letting such darkness control me, even if for a moment.    The truth was being told, people were taking note… I did what I could and restrained myself on the net as best I could.   ( certain BBM groups may have seen some ugly though…oops & lol).
Something occurred to me in the midst of my rage.  Be Like BlackBerry……Be elegant…. be professional… maintain the integrity of my OS.  (Lilly10.2.1).    So many times BlackBerry could have “borrowed” from the competition… if you look at the Samsung / Apple patent  wars it makes a bit more sense.   BlackBerry chose to innovate a brand new QNX based mobile platform unlike anything the world has seen.   1 year in the wild has seen incredible changes… it began as a newbie OS quite basic in function but still seriously powerful.   it grew at a phenomenal rate and today with 10.2.1 on most phones BB10 looks more like a mature OS than anything. But I digress as this is not the point of this post….as again this post is about nothing.
Maturity, how did this ever happen to this once glob trotting socialite type Brat?   Well I got sick for one thing… and nobody seemed to get the memo that I did not plan on aging past 29.   I’m 31 so…. grrrr!   I suppose. Life can be unfair…. why am I sick? I’m so freaking cool! Why do people throw hate at BlackBerry?    Are they angry? Jealous? Do they think BB10 is like os7.1?   BB10 is nothing like legacy BlackBerry. (not that legacy is anything bad as it’s still multitasking better than any other platform’s OS).   BB10 is flexible and futuristic and infinitely expandable, built on a kernel designed to not fail. I would continue but this post is about nothing.
I calmed down quickly today…. I took a deep breath and exhaled all the ugliness… I let ma sunshine back in and focused on the principles I choose to adhere to in life regardless of the horrors I experienced as a child.   Irrational anger and hate and disdain is not what I stand for.   I stand for love, happiness and positive thought.   I would be no better than those who choose to verbally assault BlackBerry with misinformation and petty lies if I had continued with the negativity that was filling my heart.    Instead I choose to promote BlackBerry not on its public perception and some silly marketing campaign that makes you believe you are cool if you buy it but on the merits of the platform I choose to use as an informed consumer.   I choose the high road instead by writing a post about nothing and in the end, it maybe it turns out that it’s something…….#ichooseblackberry10.

BY: LillyFox @lillyfoxblogs Lillyfoxblogs.com    Originally published :Lillyfoxblogs.com