It’s very easy to hack iPhone, Check it

Every once in while we hear that someone from Apple declare that iOS is secure, yet every time the net shows them that iOS is not secure at all, not even more secure then closed closet.

Israeli site Walla Tech, Published short guide “How to hack iOS in couple of minutes” using Siri.

This Hack lets you use all contacts and pictures from the lock device. The reporter mentioned that the video guide is tested on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, The Israelis succeed with iPhone 5, not that surprised.

So how it’s done ? When you see locked iPhone you need the phone number, Just ask siri “Who i am”.  Now after you managed to get the number, call this number from another phone and don’t answer, just send SMS instead. Now you will be able to send SMS, and you need to do that with Voice over feature. Turn on this Feature with siri “Turn on Voice over”.

Now when you insert the name of the contact that you want you will be able to get into contacts of locked device. You can choose picture from the gallery, of locked phone also.

You can search it on YouTube.

If you want to not just feel secure, To be Secure. Use BlackBerry.




Roy Shpitalnik

lived the life of a BlackBerry since 2009 so I was first exposed to 8900. With Israeli cellular world history, training and knowledge for more on BlackBerry, I decided to join the community. When the Media bash BlackBerry on regular basis i decided to Join BerryIL.COM. The true must be published. Contact me on Twitter : @SimpleBerryRoy