It’s True, I’m Afraid BlackBerry Are Dead. Ha Ha.


So it came to pass that BlackBerry’s Q1 results showed some really funky things like an increase in cash, a further reduction in losses, an increase in software revenue and over 1 million handsets were sold despite them not being able to sell them through the traditional retailers (carriers) as most of them are grossly engorged on Apples and the like.

In other words, yet again, things are pretty much on track.

Not so if you listen to the wise words of Fox Business!

WARNING – Before you watch the video please grab something tight and remind yourself that the next Olympics aren’t in London as it would seem everyone around the desk is in 2012.

Yes, it’s the same tired old, tired old twaddle being trotted out over and over again.

Oh, and the takeover! That thing that isn’t happening! It’s the only hope!

The host’s face drained at the thought of Microsoft buying BlackBerry and the appalling effect that such a thing would have on his Microsoft shares.

I think he’d be better off concerning himself that Windows 10 isn’t another Windows 8.

And best not talk about their phones…

Anyway, just for a bit of an education for Fox, here’s CNBC South Africa declaring ‘the Death Of BlackBerry’ in their country last year:


Because as we reported on 26th May the best selling smartphone in South Africa right now is….

The BlackBerry Z3.

Perhaps Fox don’t realise that Reverend Grim has infiltrated their graphics?

Perhaps they are staffed by iDiots?

Or perhaps they see bendy things as Apples?

Either way it would seem delusion is alive and well.

Ha ha.


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