It’s The End Of Life For Some BlackBerry Apps

First BBM and now our apps.

Hot on the heals of the news that Emtek was killing off BBM consumer services, BlackBerry fans have received some more bad news. BlackBerry has published the end of life dates on several of their standalone Android apps.

BlackBerry’s Productivity Tab, Power Center, Device Search and Notable all reach EOL on June 30, 2019.

Realistically, the Productivity Tab was a bit of a dissapointment. While it showed real promise, my efforts to use the tab always ended with me forgetting about it. The Power Center was more of a background app, and it’s understandable that Device Search went by the wayside since a search function is already built into android. Notable though, is a real dissapointment. As someone who loved the Scrapbook application on the BlackBerry Playbook, Notable at least brought some of the fun to Android. Additionally, it gave us the ability to use the wonderful BBM emoji outside of BBM.

It is important to not that none of these apps are part of BlackBerry’s productivity suite that is available for all Android devices. Instead, these are the apps which can only be found preloaded on BlackBerry devices, and are part of the BlackBerry experience which differentiates BlackBerry branded devices from other phones that are running the BlackBerry Hub suite.

Losing the BlackBerry exclusive applications is disheartening, and leaves users with many questions. Let’s hope for positive answers, and new innovative directions.

Source: BerryIL


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