It’s Open Enrollment on AT&T Insurance Plans


AT&T customers that didn’t opt for insurance on their phones at the time of purchase, can now add insurance to their plans. Usually, consumers have a 30 day window to add insurance, after which time, the option is shut off to you.

From now until March 31st AT&T customers can add insurance to their phones and tablets which are receiving service through AT&T.

Levels of insurance are as follows,

AT&T Mobile Insurance: $6.99 a month per device. The insurance includes coverage for loss, theft, accidental damage and out-of-warranty malfunctions for an eligible phone or tablet.

AT&T Mobile Protection Pack (MPP): $9.99 a month for an eligible phone or tablet. MPP includes AT&T Mobile Insurance plus access to technical assistance with enhanced support. The Mobile Locate app is also included and lets you  lock and erase a lost device, secure content and more.

AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack (MDPP): $29.99 a month. This program provides protection and support for up to three eligible devices, including smartphones, tablets (Wi-Fi and cellular), and laptops.

To enroll before March 31, go to

Carrier insurance. Do you use it? If you’re an AT&T customer, will you be signing up for it?

Source: AT&T


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