It’s Okay to Cross Streams


My life is mobile…

I once needed a way to send a media stream (video) from a source (computer) to playback equipment (TV) in my home, under my control wherever I was. This is actually not as uncommon as you might think. In fact, you can buy a self contained network appliance or software to do this. Being a BlackBerry user, I wanted an app written for BB10 to handle the remote part of this need. A quick search in BlackBerry World came up PlayOn ( I quickly found, downloaded and installed the PlayOn Media server app for Windows ( This turned out to provide me just what I needed and it works on my Z10, Z30 and Passport. See my video below where I show these apps in use and explain why I wanted this capability.

I have encountered people who dislike hybridization of fixed point computing with mobile computing. They want everything done on their phone only. I know that is not realistic with current battery technology. Therefore I use a computer to handle what it is good at and my phone where it’s superior. I believe crossing streams between Windows and BlackBerry is a good thing, in this case.


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