It’s Official…OFFICIAL…BB10 is not going ANYWHERE.



Blackberry announced in their webcast today that they are absolutely not transitioning people to Android. Android is another platform that can increase users of Blackberry devices and giving us choice. Choice is something that most developers do not offer and this is something that shows Blackberry’s commitment to security on different platforms.

Blackberry is committed to developing BB10 with 10.3.3 and beyond. This commitment shouldn’t come as a surprise because this is what we have been hearing for years now.

Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.

  • Jope28

    Always great to see.

    I’ve always felt that the Priv and other andro-stuff was never for us BlackBerry fans, but rather for BlackBerry to make money from our Androdian friends and family.

  • georgegill

    I say big up BlackBerry, let’s support BlackBerry and get it back to the top!

  • CabbagePatch_D

    It sure feels like I’ve been waiting years for 10.3.3 to arrive.
    And I’m commenting on a BB10 posting to say there are too many DTEK50 postings in such a short period. :)

    • Brad

      We were posting during the announcement. Lol. Of course there was a lot of DTEK50 posts. :)

  • Anthony

    Great…because I don’t want to transition to Android locco_smiley_10

  • pavanbhokray

    How much time will BlackBerry take to introduce 10.3.3. It’s already too late. BlackBerry have to add apps in BlackBerry World also. When will BlackBerry will launch a new BlackBerry phone in BlackBerry 10??? Wake up BlackBerry.

    • Brad

      We need developers to add apps to BB10. That’s who we need to be asking.

      • ray689

        Oh did BlackBerry update their SDK for BB10? It has been over a year now.

  • BlackBerry (Chen) has assured us that they are not abandoning BB10 and in fact it will get two updates to one this summer (10.3.3) and one in 2017 (10.3.4). However they have never said that there would be new BB10 devices, not since the PRIV. It is the OS, not devices that are getting Chen’s assurances, unfortunately.

    • fishlove73

      They have also not said that there won’t be any…..mexican standoff perhaps? locco_smiley_16

  • Timothius: The BB10 Evangelist

    I am grateful for the reassurance from BlackBerry. This post caused me to assess my own confidence in BlackBerry’s commitment to BB10. Why, in spite of what I read, do I often feel so uncertain? Then I recalled, when I was a child, my parents often told me, “Timothius, what you do shouts so loudly, no one can hear what you say.” So it is with BlackBerry. If true BlackBerry lovers, like me, are continually questioning the company’s commitment to BB10, then it is undoubtedly a function of what BlackBerry says as opposed to what BlackBerry actually does.

    BlackBerry, if you want to assuage the rampant doubt that persists, don’t just tell us, for we are true BB10 loyalists. Show us!


    Full long term support for BB10 is great! But, that isn’t the same as full, long term support for new BB10 devices. We need new BB10 phones soon.

  • fishlove73

    “Our customers depend on the BB10 platform and they are the ones that drive our roadmap.”

    Marty Beard 7/2016

    This tells me the “roadmap” is still relatively open.

    • CabbagePatch_D

      BlackBerry hasn’t reached that part of the road yet.

  • Akinni

    I love this line: Developers are the ones not giving people choices, BlackBerry does. Let me add, developers are the ones killing innovation, BlackBerry drives innovation!
    We are praying for you to succeed.