It’s Official, BlackBerry Device Business is NOT Dead!


We seem to be hearing the same thing on a nearly daily basis. BlackBerry is dead… it’s not. BlackBerry 10 is dead… it’s not, BlackBerry device business is dead… guess what? It’s not.

We already know that many in the media seemingly want this to be the case, and sometimes seem quite bothered that their dreams just won’t become a reality. Truth be told, had BlackBerry continued down the path they were taking, all those dreams of the naysayers would probably be true. BlackBerry would be no more, perhaps shut down, perhaps sold off in pieces, and we diehards would be busily collecting as many used BlackBerry’s as possible so that we could continue to use them until the last one finally gave out. And we know, that would be many years down the road before these beasts stop working.

But BlackBerry did something that those naysayers never imagined, and we die-hards wished for. BlackBerry began to fix themselves. BlackBerry began to grow. BlackBerry began to look lively. Since John Chen came aboard as the CEO, and began to bring in his team of masterful turnaround artists, we’ve seen BlackBerry go in directions none of us would have ever imagined. We’ve seen BlackBerry go from a “beleaguered” phone manufacturer, to a growing software company, that also still happens to make phones.

Yet many naysayers still can’t believe that BlackBerry can do both, just as they don’t believe that BlackBerry can continue to support two operating systems. Many people it seems, can’t think outside the box. Luckily, Chen and his team can.

A new video interview made the rounds earlier today. Erica posted it here, but I wanted to add a bit of emphasis to it, for two reasons. Number one, once again, Chen is telling us, the BlackBerry fan what we want and need to hear, and two, I’m starting to see more mainstream news outlets starting to believe it. Finally.

The mobile phone world is changing. It’s changing quite a bit. Mainstream media though BlackBerry should have been dead by now. It’s not. Mainstream media thought Apple should still be bringing in record profits. It’s not. I can read the confusion in the media. Many news outlets have turned on their previous darling, and turned rather fiercely. There was a day when all I saw when looking through my newsfeed was praise for Apple. That day is passed. Media needs to find a new darling, and I hope it is BlackBerry. There’s not a better story, than a come from behind win, and BlackBerry is just the company that could do it.

In the video, John Chen speaks to CNBC’s Brian Sullivan. Chen is his typical self. An air of confidence with his wry grin and sense of humor, all while being brutally honest. When asked if BlackBerry is seeing an influx of business from Apple’s loss, Chen makes it clear that he does not believe so. He’s also quick to point out that BlackBerry is seeing more enterprise business, which is of course, BlackBerry’s core business. When asked point blank if BlackBerry is finished as a hardware business, Chen responds that there will be two new phones before the end of the year. When asked if there will be more devices after these two phones, Chen gives a whole hearted “Absolutely!” We’ve also all heard numerous times, the all too true commentary Chen quite honestly gives in interviews, that if he cannot make money in the device business, he will get out. I completely understand this. BlackBerry is a public company, and Chen’s ultimate responsibility is to the share holders. However, this time, for the first time, Chen doesn’t complete this commentary. He starts it, then cuts it short before he reaches the point that he typically says he would need to get out of the hardware business, to assure Sullivan that he will make the device business profitable.

Again, Chen is assuring us that there is indeed a positive future for our BlackBerry phones. Now, when next you hear that BlackBerry is dead, that BB10 is dead, or that BlackBerry device business is dead, let those making that commentary know that they’re wrong. They’ve been wrong for four years, they’re wrong now, and as long as they continue to make this commentary, they shall continue to be wrong.



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