It’s BlackBerry Priv Day! Welcome Androidians To A Brave New World

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The day has finally arrived. The day when Androidians who couldn’t quite make the leap to BlackBerry 10 get to feel the love. The day when they get to see just how great some of the features of BlackBerry 10 are and just how much they’ve been missing. Of course, for some this will prove a little baffling at first. So let’s help them out…

The BlackBerry Priv comes with all the specs Androidians need – both to power their device and to allow them to talk about it without fear or hindrance in Androidian company. Processor, 3GB RAM, 18MP camera, a ‘best in class’ Paratek antenna (yes, that is REALLY IMPORTANT AS YOU GET A SIGNAL MORE OFTEN – IT’S A PHONE!) and a battery to die for, it’s got the lot. Oh yeah, and then there’s also that micro SD card slot that supports up to a massive 2TB (yes, TERRABYTES) of storage. But hey, lots of Android phones have that sort of stuff, yes? Well, they don’t have…

2 BlackBerry ‘Best In Class’ Keyboards’

Not only does the Priv boast the eye catching and iconic BlackBerry physical keyboard, with all the bells and whistles of the Passport in terms of it’s innovative capacitive features (the ability to simultaneously use it as a trackpad and flick suggested words up into a sentence or swipe back across to delete) but also the best virtual keyboard out there. the one that learns as you type and suggest words between the frets for you to flick up into the sentence. The one that allows you to swipe across to delete, down to change characters, the one that ACTUALLY LEARNS YOUR TYPING STYLE TO MINIMISE ERRORS. Guys, you are truly spoilt.

BlackBerry Hub

For ages now Androidians have attempted to decry the BlackBerry Hub as ‘just another notification centre’. We know it’s not. They’re just finding out. All your messages, in one place, no messing, no fuss, no hundreds of apps open draining away. Just one place, easily got to with one swipe gesture, where all your messages go and you can reply at your leisure. What’s not to love?

BlackBerry Picture Password

I make no apologies about putting this second. Blackjack has already noted the general befuddlement amongst tech reviewers used to thinking that a biometric fingerprint gimmick is a secure or convenient way of locking and unlocking your phone (never mind who you are giving your biometrics to). Truth is that Picture Password is THE most secure way to lock or unlock your device on the market today. It’s pretty much uncrackable. And the best bit? The secret is IN YOUR HEAD not on your hand.

BlackBerry Password Keeper

All those passwords… all those sites… all that stuff. Surely the smart thing to do is keep it all in one place? But what if someone hacked it? Never fear, BlackBerry is here! 256 bit encryption ensures it’s all kept safe and sound. You can even let your utility suppliers, for example, have their wicked way and assign you something ridiculously complicated as you can copy and paste straight from it. The best bit? It’s transferable across devices. So just one password to remember when you get your new phone and voila!

BlackBerry Device Search

I don’t know about other BlackBerrians but I use this on my Passport ALL the time. just start typing and the phone offers me suggestions or asks me where I’d like to look. For example, ‘UTB Brad is very tired today’. Up pops loads of suggestions on my phone itself or if I prefer the Google and Bing icons (amongst others such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc) and within seconds I’ll be at one of our blogcasts. Easy.

BlackBerry Calendar

Another ‘best in class’ bit of BlackBerry 10 software that’s made it to Android. View and respond to events from the Hub (no app hokey cokey here) with NEW integration with Google Now. If you use that, you may find you’re onto a winner.

LED Notifications

Any Androidians coming #BackToBlack will find their deepest desires answered. Come on, just how addictive is that blinking red light to let you know you have a message? The splat on the screen? If you are an ex-BlackBerrian, be honest, just how many times did you miss it? Well, it’s back in your life now!

BlackBerry Security

Not only is a PIN injected into the hardware at boot but DTEK is going to come as a bit of a shock to some of our Androidian friends as it’s the first time they will get notified as to what’s actually going on. To be honest I think that there’s a bit of a statement of intent in this app as far as Google are concerned, imagine a BlackBerry Priv user explaining to a Samsung user that, as Bla1ze said today on CrackBerry:

‘Facebook has tapped into my location 455 times in the last seven days but there’s no way I have even opened the app 455 times in that timeframe’

Surprise, surprise!

DTEK for Android could just be the start of an awakening for Androidians. On the plus side they’ll see what we already know, it’s scary stuff. On the down side it happens so often on Android many will turn off the notifications. But just one look at the app and… just maybe changes wil be demanded.

Oh, and there’s SO MUCH MORE to come. So, whilst I personally will be sticking with my Passport and BlackBerry 10, (STILL the best out there) I have absolutely no problem in saying welcome to our Androidian friends.

Come and feel the BlackBerry love and any questions, just ask, we’ll be more than happy to help.

We hope you love the Priv as mch as we do.


Bigglybobblyboo is a legend almost nowhere at all. He is a founder member of UTB and spends his spare time taking out his anger at the world with a fishfork and a spatula. He is also a Cribbage Master, having won 1 fight online as the other guy refused to turn up out of fear for his life.