IT Returns

They’re all grown up!

It’s finally here! The first teaser trailer for IT CHAPTER TWO. When we last saw Pennywise, his reign of terror was being ended by a juvenile group of heroes. But we knew that wasn’t the end of Pennywise. After all, we had all seen the previous made for television movie, and read the classic book right? Right?

Well, the second movie is coming, and this time, the band of heroes has grown up. Pennywise has returned and it’s time for our heroes to actually put an end to the inspiration of all those clown fears out there.

The first teaser trailer focuses primarily on Beverly, the sole female of the group. We get to see a flashback to her younger self, and the grown up version of Beverly returning to her old apartment. The apartment now has a new resident, a creepy old lady with an apparent shady family history. Beverly, played by Jessica Chastain slowly puts the pieces together and sees far too much of the creepy old lady. Come on, we all know it’s Pennywise right?

See the new trailer here. And who will be among the first to see the newest installment of IT?


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