It is Time to be Concerned: Internet of Things

it is time to be concerned

As we delve into the latest developments, it is time to be concerned. The emerging circumstances demand our attention and call for a heightened sense of awareness. In this rapidly changing landscape, it becomes crucial to navigate with caution and seek deeper understanding. Let us explore further and uncover the reasons behind this growing concern.

It is Time to be Concerned

it is time to be concerned

There has been a LOT in the media recently about how our privacy is being trampled. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not seeing spooks under my car. I am not being followed. Nor do I own any foil head-gear. But what I am, is concerned.

We hear about wikileaks, the NSA and Snowden. Most of us are likely not paying much attention to a lot of the news surrounding the NSA and all their “spooking”.

Maybe we need to take a second look. For some time now the US has been spying on literally everyone in Europe, basing their operations in Germany, with that government ignoring whats going on until THEY were directly targeted, remember a certain Chancellor and her phone being hacked) . While we are on about Europe, the high court there (whatever that is) is looking into facebook spying for spookhouse general (the NSA)….go figure.

Start looking under your bed! dig out the tin-foil

The NSA has started to use third-party spying, that is, using a third party to gain access to fiber optic cables to tap into to spy on people in countries where they can’t get access…welcome to the internet! Oh, and by the way, so far 33 countries that we know of are participating read about that here. The codename of that operation is “Rampart”. Wikileaks actually just publish a “secret draft” of the world trade agreement see here and while that deals mostly with financial stuff, there is also a portion dedicated to the US push for cross border data flow.

For one; secure communication is becoming more and more important, not that I’m worried about getting caught doing anything wrong. What I am concerned am concerned about is how this information is going to be used against me? Who is my information being sold to? Is my way of life going to be compromised because of the access others have to information? Believe me, if the NSA is getting the info, private interest is not far behind.

What can I do to protect myself?

I start by owning a BlackBerry and not letting that go, this is a company which can be trusted -it is paramount to their business model. Using a BlackBerry for my communication I feel safe… but this is only part of it. I do my banking on my Berry. It is secure. It cannot be hacked see here. Then we have BlackBerry’s unveiling of their strategy for the “Internet of Things” see here. I mean who better to oversee this, with the security and simplicity of QNX. Well I tired and I have given you more than enough to think about.


In light of the unfolding events, it is evident that the time to be concerned has arrived. The implications and consequences of the prevailing situation cannot be ignored. It is imperative to stay vigilant, take proactive measures, and address the challenges that lie ahead. By acknowledging the urgency and embracing collective responsibility, we can work towards finding effective solutions and safeguarding our future.

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