It Chapter Two Final Trailer

Now this will be a must watch.

The original It was a made for television miniseries. And even carrying over several nights, it felt that there was still too much missing. Of course there was, it was made for television. Still, it was a classic. How could you possibly tell that story in a movie? Well, it turns out even in modern times, it takes two.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of a new telling of the classic novel. I am a fan of the original. The first teaser images of the new Pennywise was frightening, and not in the good way. This Pennywise just didn’t look scary compared to the original. But I saw the movie anyway, and discovered my original thoughts about the movie was very, very wrong.

It was a new horror masterpiece. Bringing back the childhood camaraderie reminiscent of Stand By Me, with all the horror you’d expect from a story by Stephen King.

The new trailer for IT CHAPTER TWO has me checking my watch awaiting the release, it’s not coming soon enough. Watch the newest, and final trailer, then be ready to catch the movie when it releases September 6, 2019.


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