IT Bulletin – Do NOT Upgrade To iOS 8.2

Do not upgrade iOS

Well, here’s what IT Departments think of it.

A concerned UTB reader has been good enough to share what his company IT department sent out immediately on release of iOS 8.2:

‘Do NOT upgrade to iOS 8.2 even if prompted to do so.

Upgrading to the new Operating System has the potential to disable applications that are currently installed.

DO NOT take any action to upgrade at this time’

Here’s the fun part.

This company employs 140,000 people. It bought into the iLie so badly that it went all iPhonian and EVERYONE has one. This creates something of a headache for the IT department as they know how utterly crap it is…

Hence the fact that this message has now been sent 3 times.

Can you imagine the time and money wasted by the poor souls mopping up after Apple? How many employees have shrugged their shoulders and just upgraded? Followed by the inevitable call to IT that ‘their phone has stopped working’?

My God.

Maybe they should look towards something that actually works properly?

Maybe the IT department should say, ‘we’re sick to death of this, we can’t get on with anything for a couple of months every time Apple ‘upgrade”

Maybe the organisation should get a grip.

And maybe they should just come #BackToBlack

And then it all goes away…


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