Israeli Tech Company Offer to Hack any iPhone for a Price

The Israeli company Cellebrite was suspected, though never confirmed of being the company which hacked into the iPhone 5S used by the terrorists who carried out the San Bernardino terror attack. Apple refused to help authorities and the iPhone’s legal owners in opening the locked phone, stating that doing so would be creating a backdoor to their secure phones. According to reports, the FBI paid this unnamed third party company¬†$1 million at the time to break into the device.

Since then, there has been an ongoing debate about whether large companies should help crack their own devices and services when it comes to state security, criminal, and terror investigations. Now it seems everything will be easier for government intelligence and security organisations.  security organizations.

Cellebrite has issued a statement saying it can hack any iPhone device that works with iOS11, which of course includes the new iPhone X and Apple’s FaceID technology. Cellebrite is offering its services for about $ 1500 per hack, which means that apparently the FBI paid quite a lot of money for the service with the San Bernardino case.

Now governments will not need to ask Apple for favors. They will be able to hack into any device at a reasonable cost, and continue to stop attacks on US soil.


Roy Shpitalnik

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