Israeli IT vendors and Oxford University targeted by Iranians hackers in Cyber Attack

We are very focused on Cyber Security, and to illustrate how important it is to keep your company safe, we bring some Cyber news.

ClearSky Cyber firm, released research that claims that Iran tried  fishing some intel and private data from Israeli companies and Oxford university. They did it with fake websites and VPN portals, the research said that probably affected sign in passwords and personal data.

The attacks claimed to be around the end of 2015, so imagine how long it takes to discover such things.

The malware that the Iranians used, left behind some digital signatures that helped to know more info about more hacks and the hackers themselves. The Iranians also believed to have hacked Turkey,KSA, Qatar and Lebanon.

The hackers use as I mentioned before fake VPN portals. They sent emails to users that provide links to the fake portal, that look the same as the real one.

How did they fish some Oxford info ? They built a fake website for job search and conference register, that asks you to download register tool. The “Tool” is the one that scans the victim files and fish it.

When you receive weird Email or see weird URL on familiar web site, think twice before you click or insert so info about you.

Read the full research.


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