ISP’s Create A Possible Security Breach By Building Backdoors Into Their Modems.

Apparently, some major internet service providers (ISP’s) have been building backdoors into the modems that they supply to their customers, supposedly to allow their staff to access settings and for troubleshooting purposes. However, this creates a massive security risk. It could potentially provide a direct access to the contents of customer’s computers by any employees of the ISP.

Vodafone, one of the major ISP’s is just one of the companies with such a backdoor built into it’s modems. Other providers such as Spark have also confirmed that they have built in a remote access feature into their modems. The companies justify this by stating that they use these backdoors to be able to provide support to their customers in setting up the modems and for troubleshooting.

However, this opens up the possibility for the backdoor to be exploited by a rogue employee, or possibly anyone else with the ability for that matter. ISP’s tend to keep this information quiet and may only inform customers if they require help with their modem. Some ISP’s may even state this in their terms and conditions that they “reserve the right to manage modems”.

I’m not so sure that I would be all that comfortable with my ISP having full access to my modem and possibly a pathway to all my personal information and data. Would you??