Isn’t it about time to update your Android music player apps?


Within the past week or so two of my favorite music player apps for the PRIV have rolled out updates. First, let’s briefly review Pi Music Player developed by Team 100Pi followed by Blackplayer which was developed by KodarKooperativet.

This most recent update to Pi (version 2.3.7) included:

  • The Option to Hide small clips through Settings
  • Integrated TonesHub Ringtones
  • Search functionality for Ringtone Cutter.

The main reason I keep Pi around is for the ability to select any song from my music library, select a starting point to create a clip, select the length of the clip, then use it as a custom ringtone.

Blackplayer was also recently updated (version 2.27) which added the following features:

  • Added custom actionbar color. More colors can be changed in BlackPlayer
  • Updated Settings layout! The ‘Theme’ setting is moved to Now playing settings, as well as other settings
  • New dialog when selecting top header font style
  • The Track title at the bottom when Now playing is minimized and now auto-scrolls if text is to big
  • Fixed minor bug with Most played, which could cause duplicate tracks
  • Added option to remove duplicates from Favorites, found at the bottom
  • If a Track added to a Playlist already exist in the playlist, a Dialog warning will now appear to inform the user about this
  • Added ‘Export’-playlist action to the long-press dialog in the ‘PLAYLISTS’ page
  • Slightly better protection against duplicate tracks in library.

The reason Blackplayer is my ‘go-to’ music app is the ease of use, it’s very user friendly and also has the ability to customize.


Why not head over to Google Play, download these music player apps and give them a go – or feel free to comment about your favorite music player apps and list some of their key features.


Recently updated music player apps


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