Is your car broken?



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Do you have a Check Engine Light lit on your dashboard?  CEL  You may be surprised how easy to use, and inexpensive the tools are to determine what might be wrong. That doesn’t mean you can fix it yourself, but at least you can begin to understand your car a bit better. ODB-II is Onboard Diagnostics version 2. It is a standard connection and protocol adopted by vehicle manufacturers to help technicians find and repair problems with the engine and other components. Because it is a well documented standard, it has been easy for companies to make inexpensive scanning tools. The harder part is writing software to turn the data into usable information. Smartphones have made it reasonable to run the needed software in a small, portable device. Now most people can afford the scanner and software to unwrap the mysterious box controlling their car.

For about $10 US you can get a ODBII scanning tool to use with software on your phone. Check this one on Amazon: Vgate Bluetooth Scan Tool OBD2 ODBII Scanner for TORQUE

For $4.99 US you can get the Torque Pro OBD2 app from BlackBerry World. Then watch my video to show the simple steps involved with digging into the electronic (sometimes called engine) control module (ECU).


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