Is This The New BlackBerry Slider?


Known leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) has just posted an image of what he claims is the BlackBerry Venice, the upcoming slider running Android.

Rumor? Leak? Who knows? It’s a nice looking render, however seeing that Chrome icon instead of the number one mobile browser (BlackBerry browser of course) has me feeling quite queasy.

Now, when can we get that phone with BB10 on it?


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  • Anthony

    It looks like garbage, it looks ridiculous. A Samsung screen and Android OS…what’s BlackBerry about it? Badge engineering. locco_smiley_7

    Evan Blass is smoking something stronger.

  • Barracuda7772

    I really hope what we get is a device running the QNX micro kernel with the option to simply switch between an Blackberry 10 UI and a Android UI.

    If this is solely an Android experience (with a monolithic kernel) on Blackberry hardware then were doomed to shitty multitasking, unexplainable lag throughout (even on Flagship hardware) unexplainable device slowdown after about 6 months of usage, and a slew of other garbage.

    it will be a new generation of a time waisting, game playing device.

  • mrabody

    Both Samsung and Blackphone have tried to secure Android with mixed results. I’d question whether BlackBerry could do better. I wonder whether this phone is in fact going to be a collaboration between Samsung and BlackBerry that shares hardware but comes in both BB10 (BlackBerry) and Android (Samsung) versions. Samsung designs the hardware with input from BlackBerry and BlackBerry configures the software to work with Android and supply the BlackBerry experience suite.

    • Brad

      Now that’s an interesting idea. *pensive*

    • jrohland

      BlackBerry could secure Android. However, the point of Android is to harvest information for Google. BlackBerry has already created a secure Android. People complain incessantly about how it doesn’t have Google services. You secure Android but put insecure Google and 3rd party apps on. What’s the point?

    • Robert

      I keep telling Brad the same thing. A BB10 variant would be a great idea. This way you can please both worlds. Hardware is same no so nothing special would be needed. Just choose which OS you want.

  • afl2277

    The name of a film springs to mind as I look at that screen with the BlackBerry badge…”End of Days”.

    Oh many want the android apps, we’ve seen virtually the end of Legacy because of that. We’ve seen more and more android runtime come in to Bb10, whether we wanted it or not. I’ve never used or downloaded an android app, never opened Amazon app store. But it’s all running in the background according to app manager, and not able to delete it.

    It’s been on the cards for a while, pandering to the users who need 10,000 weather apps to choose from, and who need to play at least 20 games of Candy Crush per day to validate their lives.

    But what of the die hard BlackBerry user? Sadly I updated the new Z10 software before I realised how much android was in it. Will I be ‘die hard’ if BlackBerry goes android? Hell no. I’d rather eat a plate of boiled tripe and rip my finger nails off with black chipped teeth.

    End of days.

  • LoneStarRed

    The cash BlackBerry is making on this deal must have been too much to pass up. If this doesn’t come in a BB 10 option I will not be getting it.

  • mrabody

    I just don’t see how BlackBerry could make and sell a competitive android handset. The android marketplace is simultaneously spec and price competitive -the most powerful hardware at the lowest price. BlackBerry gets a lot of criticism for both the middling specs of its phones (but of course BB10 runs just fine on lower-speced devices) and its not particularly competitive prices – the latter being a function of the low volumes it is selling. I don’t see how they could build an android device with decent performance and sell it for a competitive price in a saturated handset market. It would be suicide.

  • Canuckvoip

    “Is This The New BlackBerry Slider?”

    I hope not. I don’t want it. If it sells well and helps BB keep developing BB10 I’m OK with it I suppose.

  • This idea gives me a headache…
    I don’t want an Android… If i wanted an Android… I wouldn’t buy it from BlackBerry!

  • Ithinkthere4iam

    I don’t want android either. I’m also in the same boat where I don’t have any amazon app store apps installed on my device. I want a communications tool, not live the life of a tool with a toy by my side.

  • It’s quite evident John Chen does not know how to sell, design and market Smart Phones.

    So mess up and offer Zero Marketing Efforts for the Passport, Classic and Leap. Witness the dismal sales. Continue to course of the Enterprise (HW Wise) that hasn’t worked ever since he became CEO.

    And now release a Antiquated and garbage running Android device? The same OS that’s already saturated this industry? Doing this throws BlackBerry’s Differentiation out the window.

    Slider and future devices should run BB10. Market the bloody smart phones and release High end devices. Better cameras and so on. And market to Consumer, those same consumers that have been buying BB10 devices. And move forward that way.
    Slow and steady. Re-attract BB10 development too, because Android Apps are Antiquated by design just like the Android OS.

    I went with BlackBerry for BB10, not for Android. Forget this and I’m done with BlackBerry.

  • FallingTitan

    i want an andriod just for my clash of clans base to transfer over to my phone. So I would buy an andriod made by berry!

  • Gebco

    Love my Z30. But if BB advertises, how do they tell consumers that popular apps aren’t available? Amazon app store is a bust IMHO; even Netflix is locked out for BB users. Side loading Snap is not an option for most. If BlackBerry advertises they must be clear about the communications focus of the devices, otherwise consumers expecting apps will return the phone in disappointment, with more negative press.

  • nnik

    Why is everyone so worried about securing Android?… not necessary. Google needs to get its info somewhere.

  • mrabody


    The Netflix app via Amazon App Store works just fine on my Z10.

    Personally, I think we should just wait and see. In the past, John Chen has set out the device roadmap well in advance. I think if they were going to launch an Android device they would have already said so.

    • Brad

      Netflix isn’t available in the US through Amazon. That being said, we can always share with our friends right through BBM. :)

  • mrabody

    As several people over on Crackberry have pointed out, if you look at the render you won’t see a BBM icon anywhere to be seen which suggests this isn’t a leak of an official BlackBerry render but is just the product of someone’s imagination. I think we’re all being trolled.

  • jrohland

    Everyone does realize this is just a rumor? No one should assume, or even believe BlackBerry is actually making an Android phone. I always wonder what kind of person accuses Chen of being an ignoramus based on a highly dubious rumor.

    If BlackBerry does start trying to sell an Android device, by all means go after Chen loaded for bear. Until then, give the man some benefit of doubt.


    Exactly RIGHT Jrohland. Whomever posted that mock-up picture must be in hysterics over how it was reacted to over here.

    Holy crap guys! You have just been punked.