Is this the Future?

Is this a sign of what’s coming? App for two platforms and the other two of the main ones in North America missing?


This is an app for a method of mobile payment in Canada.

And here is another.



I could show you several more, but I think you understand.  Now in all fairness Apple did not add NFC to the iPhone until iPhone 6, they said it was useless, unnecessary. They have it now. It only works with Apple Pay (Apple wants their piece of the pie). But you know what? They have made their version useless and unnecessary because it is very limited to where and how it can be used.

NFC was intended to be used was for everyone, everywhere and that’s why you don’t see the Mobile payment apps available for iPhone. Apple doesn’t want you to be able to pay for your fuel at the pump unless they get a cut -not likely, too many hands in that pie. Apple doesn’t want you to be able to tap-n-go on your way past the POS unless they get what they think they have coming.

Looks like they will get what they have coming, exclusion…sound familiar?



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  • BB Racer !!

    They say an Apple a day keeps the Doctor away ! Well Apple, FB etc are enjoying living off these start ups raising all this fresh venture capital. Retailers, and our financial institutions are watching these fast paced market caps of these tech companies dwarf their 100 year businesses. Uber market cap is $45B and some say it’s worth $100B. With that $100B they can buy FedEx and Ford. Nope theses financial institutions with all the regulations put upon them are not going to allow these tech companies to scrap an extra dime from their profits. Facebook $210B market is bigger then Royal Bank of Canada and Great West Life Co combined. It’s getting interesting in the consumer mobile payment area.!

  • Brad

    Nail on the head! Apple only allows functionality if they get paid in some way. Buying their phone isn’t enough. They want more, and won’t allow users functionality unless they get it.

  • shanerredflag

    Yup…the bell will toll, great read.

  • bambinoitaliano

    I am waiting for Royal Bank app that does not require nfc sim. As of now there is no support for nfc nano sim for Passport and Classic.

  • Anthony

    In a media article I read banks in Canada are using BlackBerry’s network for secure NFC payments. BlackBerry likely charges a service fee.

    Is Apple using its iCloud network for payments?

    Why would Uber have a market value of 45 billion! Cities are already starting to fight back against Uber because their drivers aren’t regulated.

  • Tommy C

    Isn’t that how anything is? They (uninformed and uneducated consumers) turn their backs on you until they need you (BlackBerry). Initially, the thought of them slithering back to #TeamBlackBerry is disconcerting since they sneered and snickered at us from their high and mighty perch, but on the flip side, it’s just proof that BlackBerry is the undisputed champ of the mobile sector regardless of the flashy fads and cheap gimmicks that other manufacturers used to lure customers in. Eventually security had to become a priority, and that just happens to be our core value! Who’s laughing now?

  • bartron

    It’s definitely a sign of the future. Developers hate dealing with Apple. They only focus on iOS development because iOS users spend a lot more money than users of other platforms.

    Android is the platform of choice for over 80% of smartphone users worldwide, and porting an Android app to BB10 is relatively easy, thanks to help from BB. So I expect this trend to continue.