Is This Clear Enough For You?


Throughout the last year, and even longer than that if we’re going to be honest, BlackBerry has delivered one clear and concise message. That they have not, and do not intend to abandon BB10. John Chen has consistently repeated this in interview after interview. Marty Beard has continued to repeat this. Alex Thurber has continued to repeat this. BlackBerry has continued to repeat this. In fact, if you speak to any BlackBerry employees, they’ll repeat it too. Yet people don’t seem to listen. They seem to refuse to listen.

Many media outlets continue to eulogize BB10. For whatever their reasons, they continue their own agenda of pushing forth news that claims the death of BlackBerry and the death of BB10. This should not be anything new to the BlackBerry fan. We’ve watched it since the introduction of BB10. Most, if not all of us, learned to ignore this message from sites such as BGR and The Verge. We knew what they would be saying, and we didn’t care. We used our devices and laughed at those sites and those that quoted them. But over the last year, we’ve seen a change, and that change has grown like a cancer within our community.

We have watched as our safe places on the web started to repeat the same chant of the death of BB10. Some allowing others to come to their site, these supposed safe havens of BlackBerry fans, and chant the death of BlackBerry. We’ve watched as the leadership of our favorite sites left the community altogether for the forbidden fruit, either handing the mantle off to the one person that was left that didn’t cave in to the peer pressure of the less knowledgeable, or closed or sold their shop altogether. We have watched as those which were once the leadership of our community, spearheading our want for a better BlackBerry turned their backs on the brand and ran off to iPhones and electric cars or obscurity.

In the absence of those that used to lead this great group of fans, I’ve watched as the fans have stopped ignoring those sites we used to laugh at. I’ve watched as BlackBerry users have started to doubt BlackBerry’s commitment to them. I’ve watched as users who once stood to defend BlackBerry have become those very people that trot through social media echoing that anti-BlackBerry agenda.

I’m tired of it.

We started UTB Blogs because of what was happening at those other sites. We saw the direction this was headed, and we wanted to provide what we used to have. A safe place, a fun place, for BlackBerry users to enjoy their BlackBerry devices with other BlackBerry users. Now let’s be honest. We haven’t done what we set out to do. None of us had ever done anything like this before, and mistakes were made. We hit the internets with the same voices we used when we were fighting for our brand of choice in various forums and comments throughout the lands. We wanted to correct the mis-information out there, and our goal was to do so in a humorous fashion. After all, we’re a fun bunch. The problem was that many didn’t get our humor. The sarcasm that we use when speaking with each other was seen as attacks, and looking back, probably were. I know that we turned many a BlackBerry user away because they saw us as something other than what we saw ourselves. I’ll never forget when a meme was messaged to me that was making it’s way through BBM groups which showed an attack dog foaming at the mouth identified as a UTB blogger. That’s not what we are, and not what we set out to be.

We have changed our approach. We have cut back our sarcasm and humor, to be more approachable to the more timid in our community. We have never claimed to be journalists, we’re not. We do not sit behind our computer, thesaurus in hand, looking for the biggest words we can use to get across our message hoping that other’s will believe us to be something we’re not. “The UTB Way” is to write conversationally, as we would speak among ourselves. We do it that way for a reason, because we want to come across as inviting. We don’t want to come across to the reader as if we think we are better than them, you won’t find us pretending to have inside information so that we can hold it over the reader’s head so that they keep coming back hoping for more. Do some of us talk to people at BlackBerry? Sure. Do some of us sometimes hear or see things before we’re supposed to? It’s possible. Will we string it out across the pages of our website like bait to bring in readers? No. We never will. In fact, we would never share anything besides our thoughts and theories until BlackBerry has deemed it is time to do so. We don’t play those tricks for one reason and one reason only. We want to support BlackBerry. We do it because we want users to be able to come and form a community here, because we are users ourselves, and we want to enjoy our time with other users. To put it in the simplest of terms, we’re not looking for fans, we’re looking for new friends.

What seems like a long walk on a tangent has a reason behind it. Because of our early actions, and because of our refusal to fall in to a specific mold, or to bow to websites that came before us, we have had many jabs taken at us. We have had other sites and many within the community saying such things as we are nothing but crazy fanboys (we have girls by the way folks, two of them!) or saying that we are radicals, or that we have no credibility. I’m sure you’ve heard it. I’m sure many have believed it. Some have gone so far as to say that we have done damage to the brand.

What is their proof?

Their proof is that we have continued to say that BlackBerry will come through. We were the ones that said BlackBerry would not be broken up and sold off. We were the ones that said that BlackBerry was not giving up on BB10. We are the ones that said we believed in BlackBerry and the team running it. We are the ones that have not run the stories of the end of BB10 and the end of the BlackBerry keyboard.

Our secret isn’t much of a secret. We listen to BlackBerry. And when we hear news that contradicts what BlackBerry has told us, we wait for verification before jumping on the bandwagon. Does it sometimes mean less clicks? Does it mean that other sites are getting more traffic and higher rankings because they are reporting these news stories and we’re not? You bet your ass it does. But in doing so, we’ve maintained our core values, which is to support BlackBerry, like a fan site should. Ask yourself the question, who is really damaging the brand? Those publishing these unconfirmed stories or those that still believe in BlackBerry?

Why bring this up now? I’m bringing this up for two reasons. It’s never polite to say I told you so, but this week, we here at UTB feel very vindicated. We have spent months repeating the same thing. That BlackBerry has not abandoned BB10. That BlackBerry is still supporting BB10, and that BlackBerry will look at the possibility of releasing future BB10 handsets after the release of 10.3.4. We’ve been saying this, because this is what BlackBerry has been telling the community all along. Yet as we continue to repeat and push BlackBerry’s message, there has been a constant barrage by those stating that we were wrong. This week, BlackBerry has made a solid push to correct mis-information. I have seen many of those same people that were questioning our credibility, now repeating the same thing we’ve been saying all along. Did they simply miss when BlackBerry said it the first, second, or third time? I don’t think so.

Now, I want to focus on something really important to me, and I know to many others out there. BB10 devices. We want them. We want them badly. And there’s none currently in the works. This should come as no surprise to anyone, as once again, BlackBerry has informed us of their current plan for the year which is all android devices. It should also come as no surprise because Chen has made it very public when he will look at the possibility of future BB10 devices again. I have personally spent a lot of energy trying to get a message across in our posts, on our channel, and during our Blogcasts. If we users wish to see another BlackBerry 10 phone, we need to let BlackBerry know that we are here and we want it. We need to make it happen. BlackBerry is providing what their customer wants, as they always have. We wanted apps, they gave us Amazon and the ability to directly download and install android apps. Yet we continued to shout for full android support and Google Services, and they provided the Priv and these upcoming Android devices. I was very happy when I read the following tweet today.

Is this clear enough for you?

So how do we drive this roadmap towards BB10? Easy. And it’s not what you think. It is not flooding BlackBerry’s Twitter and emails with “I want BB10” messages and threats. Not at all. It will take a little hard work. It will require fans supporting BlackBerry. Supporting their battle back to profitability. When we see that others are pushing an anti-BlackBerry agenda, either in media outlets, or just comments in sites, forums, or channels, offer a polite correction. Provide proof. There’s plenty of it, right from BlackBerry themselves. I am surely not saying run out and start forum or Twitter battles, that does no one any good, simply offer the truth and know that there is no honest way which that can be devalued.

And for the hard part. How can you ensure that you don’t get your device of choice? By attacking BlackBerry. I’m sorry folks. Sometimes we have to wait for what we want. Are you upset that the Z50 never came to fruition? Are you mad that the Priv runs android instead of BB10? Do you still think that BlackBerry should be supporting a tablet that was released in 2011? Well, you’re not alone. But each time you attack BlackBerry for these things throughout the internets, you’re decreasing the chance of BlackBerry managing to bring you what you want. Each time you run about comments stating that BlackBerry cannot possibly be hoping to bring back BB10 because they didn’t pour all their money in to a device which you wanted when you wanted it, you are pushing other’s away from purchasing a BlackBerry device. The BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Leap are two amazing phones, at opposite ends of the spectrum, both more than capable of competing against the phones of competitors on the market, and we need to promote them as such.

We have a time frame my friends. We have until the release of BB10.3.4 to ensure that there is a BlackBerry 10 device in the future. It’s in our hands. Are we going to make it happen, or are we going to ensure it doesn’t.

And now that I’ve wrote much more than I intended to when I sat down, I’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to join in here at UTB. I know there are a lot of you that pop in and read the posts here, but never comment or partake in our forums or discussions. I see the numbers, and I know that there are many. Now would be the time to dive in. I think that UTB is the best home for BlackBerry fans out there, and I can promise you that we will not lose sight of our goals like those that came before us. We WILL provide a safe, friendly place for BlackBerry fans to enjoy each other’s company and have fun, and we WILL continue to support the brand we love. We will also do everything in our power, as fans, to ensure we see a future BB10 device.

The only thing missing is you.


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BlackBerry Elite Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs and UTB Geek. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.

  • E


    So many things I could say. Thanks for being BlackBerry’s safe place. Thanks for extending that place to include BlackBerry fans. Thanks for the truth and integrity that many other places lack, seemingly by intent.

  • scott-reid

    Even when so called good news gets circulated on certain sites, then all of the comments go to pot…..

    Not doing it for click bait just an example of excessive negativity bordering on bullying.

    • Berry_Goooood

      Unfortunately there seems to be a handful of people on every tech site that love to slag on BlackBerry no matter what the news. On MobileSyrup, it is Maestro Karajan, Kirfer, and a few other lowlifes. On CrackBerry, it is Birdman_38, John Albert, part spartacus, and even more lowlifes (on a BlackBerry “fansite” no less). I’ve tried numerous approaches to combat these idiots… ignoring them (ie don’t feed the trolls) but they still show up daily to spread their FUD and hate… i’ve tried “educating” them… more of the same BS… and lastly, i’ve tried the ol “sock em in the mouth with their own garbage. While that feels good, it still doesn’t result in a behavior change. I’m not sure what the right answer is. Most of the clowns are likely in need of some serious mental health treatment, some likely feel they were “slighted” by BlackBerry (either through a device that didn’t meet their expectations or they were impacted by one of BlackBerry’s downsizing efforts and are bitter). Hopefully as BlackBerry continue its turnaround plan and regains profitability in its handsets, these “trolls” will eventually give up their pipedream that BlackBerry is dead.

  • Alan

    Brad, I always love reading your posts. You put your soul right into it, and as always this one did not disappoint. Unfortunately being a BlackBerry advocate is kind of a ruff ride. I hear about a long time BlackBerry advocate has switched to another platform. I hear pretty much the same story from all of them: ” I do miss the Hub and the physical keyboard. I could type without looking at the keys!” It makes me wonder will this person and others like him ever come back to Black!? And I think if you miss the Hub so much and the physical keyboard so much why did you leave in the first place? How could you? I don’t really have the answer to that, but inevitably it generally seems to come down to apps. BlackBerry did not have all the apps that I need for my business. I know you Brad. You would say but there’s the Priv! Obviously the Priv did not turn out to the perfect phone. It’s not BB10 with all the apps. I’ve come to the conclusion that many may be waiting for the perfect phone. We all know something for sure if there is such a thing as the perfect phone it will most likely be BlackBerry that invents it. Not one of those giant companies of other platforms who spend there time copying from BlackBerry innovation more often then not. Long live BlackBerry. Long live BB10. One thing I’m sure of, there will never be too many BlackBerry supporters. The company that gives us more of what we want than any other company. It may be this little company from Canada so loved by a few for their products, or something else from others is the very company that will come up with the nearest perfect phone or the perfect phone. The phone that some of us believe has already been created by BlackBerry. Could it be BB10 with all the apps waiting for us in the future!? Or something better. Bring it on BlackBerry.


    I think that you need to differentiate between those that deliberately dump on BlackBerry to salve some deep seated psychological wound, and those who come hear to express their fears for BlackBerry and BB10. If you really want to present UTB as a ‘safe place’ for we BlackBerry owners and supporters then you will have to understand that, the family will have fears, wants and needs. If you can’t accept that some of us come here to express those fears, in the hopes that others will allay them and if you discourage the stating of those fears, wants and needs, then you have converted this into a site for the much feared fan-boys.

    One of the things about the people who come here is that we are a pretty bright bunch. We see what is happening. We see what path BlackBerry is following and we have opinions and questions and yes. fears. So the question is, if we cannot come here to express them and expose them to some honest and open discussion, then where should we go? I came here originally because this site seemed to welcome those discussions and encourage all readers to post them. I and I suspect a large number of others, came here because you didn’t expect us to jump up and cheer for every announcement, every decision to abandon a product, every change in direction. I also suspect that I and a large number of others will drift away, if all you want to hear is ‘RAH- RAH’ over honest discussion.

    Remember, ‘circling the wagons’ just made those on the inside, very good targets.

    • Brad

      To clarify, discussion is good. Fears are understandable. If people want to talk in comments and forums about these things, this is precisely what we’re here for.

      However, if someone’s point is to hit every Priv post to insult the device and those that use it, or comes to argue in every positive post that BlackBerry has dropped BB10 because BlackBerry has executed exactly what they informed us of months ago, yet the user is impatient. Or if the commenter is here simply to say the same negative comments post after post with no true discussion, only stating their thoughts as facts and being condescending to those that believe differently…. Or for no other reason than to contradict what BlackBerry has told us…..

      Well, that’s a lot of “or’s” but it’s happening. And we won’t allow that here. We ARE here for BlackBerry fans, and we DO want discussion, but we WILL NOT be a place for BlackBerry naysayers to push an anti-BlackBerry agenda.

      • Berry_Goooood

        The sad part is, this anti-BBRY garbage is still happening at CB, MobileSyrup, etc.. the same clowns show up daily to spread their hate and FUD.

  • Akinni

    Canadian government led by Trudeau will not allow BlackBerry to die no matter the onslaught by even Canadian media. The Prime Minister was just Waterloo and lectured the media on Quantum Computing. BlackBerry has been doing well in spite of the onslaught. I believe a lot of their opponents have an axe to grind and they are not bold to say it. Many of the so called BlackBerry sites have moved on, but still keep bearing their of names, which is bad. I don’t read their posts and have since deleted their apps. Kudos to UTB, keep up the good work. I always insist, if I need to chat with you, it has to be BBM and most people respect my decision. I follow them up to find out their experiences. So, if you support BlackBerry, then buy their products and services and promote them. Thank you.

  • nnik

    A lot of former supporters are annoyed they’re not getting their way (BB10 only) and are coming here to stamp their feet, I will again indicate a parallel to those that opposed BB10 when it came out and swore by BBOS… if this attitude catered to then BlakBerry will surely disappear due to the opposition to any innovation

  • Scott

    I used to visit CB almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day when things were exciting. Now it’s just dead or so negative it’s depressing. UTB is now my go to site for positive information about BlackBerry. I’m sad to hear you have toned down the sarcasm and humour as this is one thing that drew me to UTB in the first place!

    I’m a BB10 fan and really want BlackBerry to succeed and be strong again so I don’t really mind their direction with Android but I wish it wasn’t to the detriment of BB10 and I hope they continue to put development efforts into it here and there. I’ve ordered a Priv to see how it goes but don’t think I’ll be able to put down my Passport any time soon!

    Great job so far guys, I hope you can continue to be positive torch bearers for BlackBerry and it’s fans like me.

    #LongLiveBlackBerry10 #BringBackTheSarcasm

  • Speedie20

    Hey Brad.
    Apologies for the belated feedback to your post. A great article mate from someone who is committed to BlackBerry and towards us as BlackBerry users and supporters!

    UTB’s (and your) integrity in speaking and reporting truthfully about BlackBerry and the industry and not just merely posting articles and stories to get what in effect becomes ‘click bait’ traffic via gossip (especially negative gossip) is commendable! UTB’s approach is to be admired and respected!

    You write with integrity, passion and dedication and to inform and empower not just merely ‘entertain’. These are admirable qualities sorely missing in our world and in the fast paced land of ‘internet news’ and in other perhaps more widely known sites, who utilize the latter as their approach to gain ‘popularity’.

    In the long run, the qualities that you and UTB uphold will stand the test of time and be vindicated, just as BlackBerry hopefully will too!

    All strength to your arm and what UTB continues to promote in supporting BlackBerry! Well done! :)


    Speedie20 :)

    • Brad

      Thank you for that Speedie! Sincerely.

      Remember, we survive with interaction. Now how do we get you in the forums? :)