IS THERE AN OPTIMUM OS? for mobile, tablet and pc?



Recently, I have been playing around with Windows 10, just to see what they have to offer. I also picked up a (shudder) Lumia for $20 to test how Windows Phone 10 works in conjunction with Windows 10 on my Laptop. Well they don’t really play well together as one would expect. Do keep in mine these are both previews…beta so to speak.

Now keep in mind you can shift similar apps back and forth but once you have used BlackBerry Blend there really is no comparison, sure in the future there is supposed to be a common hub where all you devices come together… that isn’t working yet so I have no way of testing it.

On the other hand, I have BlackBerry Blend on my Passport and my Z30 and these devices connect together with my Galaxy Tab 4 (android) and my Vostro laptop (Windows 10) and I can access all files. I can even text or use BBM from any of these devices when connected wirelessly to my phone. As of right now this sort of flexibility does not exist with any other platform.

Now, with BlackBerry 10, through Blend. I can access my BBM, TXT, files no matter where I forget my phone… as long as its connected of course. Be it through WiFi , Data or a direct connection. I can transfer files back and forth with no need for a cloud which is especially good if I’m concerned about security.

The point of my ramble here, I’m  wondering BlackBerry 10 would make a good universal operating system? For all devices? I can’t think of anything better or more adapted to do the job.

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