Is the Z30 REALLY what they say it is?

I recently purchased a BlackBerry Z30, I really like the phone and think its the best thing out there. Problem is; not many people believe me and I’m definitely no salesman so I’ll never convince anyone otherwise so I just quietly smoulder rather than get into an argument.
That is until somebody sent me this article.
This writer has managed to express exactly what BlackBerry themselves should have been saying in condensed form on every street corner.


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  • Canuckvoip

    Z30 fans, rejoice.

  • Omnitech

    I love that graphic, and nice find on that article.

    Speaking of the article – it’s a bit strange, talking about not being able to get “data and voice on the same card”. Must be something very strange about the carriers in Taiwan or something. I didn’t even think BlackBerry had a sales organization there..

  • Chopachain

    Good grab and review, thanks nnik. But……

    Owning a BB10 device is a love hate relationship. Love what BB has done so far, but hate what they haven’t done or are thinking of doing.

    Some form of advertising, marketing.
    Its been almost a month since the Z3 was launched and where is it in other areas.
    Put android apps in BBW.
    WTF is Chen talking about a phablet for. We have one it is called a Z30. Rather upgrade the Z10 and Z30. Their form factor is perfect. Is BB losing touch again with the con/prosumer again. What have we been asking for. Who asked for a phablet?
    We are in dire need of a tablet. People are tired of apple and andriod OS. BB10 is perfect for a tablet. I have gone from two iPads to a Tab 3(3 weeks, Eeeeew! Is all I can say) now to a win8 Samsung ATIV (arrives tomorrow).

    Other than that love my BB10 phones.

    • Ibelieveandlove

      I don’t think that BlackBerry, and ultimately when I say BlackBerry it is really, Mr.(Gotta Love Him) John Chen, has lost touch with the users at all. On the contrary, although the Z30 may be considered a phablet, it’s a 0.1″ short for be called one. Also, when Samsung released the 5.2″ Galaxy Note I it’s size looked insane as most phones screen sizes were in the 3.5″ – 4″ spectrum. Nowadays anything les than 4.5″ is considered small, take for example the Z10’s award as best “fun size” smartphone. As much as I have loved both my Z10 and my Z30 I would like to see a bigger phone, and guess what? I will buy it, I’m just waiting for BlackBerry to take my money on that. They are listening to customers, to devices sales all around, the specs people are looking for, and it will pay off. I’m sure everything will come together and eventually we will have an awesome tablet too. Thing is with tablets prices so much affordable it’s hard to make money on them, specially since we need to, first and foremost, increase BlackBerry’s market share. After that is achieved we are all going to be pleased for sure.

  • G-bone

    It’s become almost weird to read the truth about BlackBerry anywhere but a BlackBerry site.
    But good.


  • veeru789

    Awesome! This is what happens when people give BlackBerry 10 an honest try.

  • nnik

    gotta thank Robert on his find, I just brought it to you because I thought it was very reflective of what’s been going on since the advent of BlackBerry 10

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      No problem Nik. That article is a perfect example of what others would say if they actually gave it a chance rather than repeat what somebody else told them.

  • SipoKapumba

    Finally, a positive review of BlackBerry 10 from a non-fan site! What a breath of fresh air. Well written piece. John Chen’s belief in BlackBerry is beginning to persuade technology writers to have a second look at BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry should make a lot of noise when OS 10.3.1 is released, with its better rendering of Android apps. Part of the selling point is to mention that BlackBerry 10 can run most Android apps. We are getting there slowly in terms of the handset business picking up. We need more people to shift to BlackBerry 10 devices from legacy ones. The Z3 will enable many in emerging economies to do so, and that will boost sales figures for BlackBerry 10 devices.

  • nnik

    I am beginning to think that BlackBerry is not making a huge deal about being able to run most android apps because it alludes to android as something to be desired, that BlackBerry is somehow lacking. It won’t be perceived by most as just a perk of the BlackBerry 10 os, as something that is just an additional benefit of an already exceptional os.

  • Excellent find nnik! Awesome article. Seems like it only takes getting a BB10 device into someone’s hands for a few days for them to be singing the praises. I like the author’s first point about marketing. I think Chen is intimately aware of the dearth of and need for aggressive, clever marketing and is waiting for the right time in terms of stabilizing the company, and stopping the bleeding.

    Soon enough, people will be asking us about our phones because of a commercial they saw, don’t worry!

  • Bastakiatavich

    Great find Robert and thanks for sharing nik! Like you I am not a salesman, I know what my Z30 can do and I grow frustrated by the complete dismissal of other people around me whenever I try to show them.
    One by one folks will start to see the power that BB10 is and what they can accomplish ; that is a day I look forward to.

  • ital1

    As a Z30 user I couldn’t agree more. If people were a bit more open minded and actually tried the device, I am certain that they would be impressed.

  • SipoKapumba

    I have resigned myself to the fact that BlackBerry shall never again be a mass market, consumer device, but one that appeals to a niche market. The consumer market is just too fickle. Let it be a device for connoisseurs. However, I also know that in emerging economies, BlackBerry still has a large pull and is well regarded.

    • Ibelieveandlove

      I’m about to publish a new post about BlackBerry in Africa’s market so stay tuned for more on that respect.