Is The iPot Calling The Kettle Black?

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Earlier today I ran across an article about the Android security program known as Knox and how it contained some glaring weaknesses.   The article appeared in AppleInsider so I thought I’d post a few comments for your reading pleasure.



“don’t they have a team of over 250 people on this? (just on Knox) If this is the case, they have poor or non existent processes and methods”

                     Umm, did iOS 8 ever get fixed?  Also, how many people and how many millions were spent developing and designing the iPhone 6? You know- the phone with a bigger screen, NFC, hardware specs from 2012, is thin, long, and framed in aluminum to be more form-fitting (Bendghazi)



“Instead of using the name Knox, presumably based on Fort Knox, Scamsung should have used Fort Courage as their inspiration, you know, the home of F Troop. That was a farce too”

                      Behaving like you invented NFC (when in reality you’re the last platform to offer it), then releasing a crippled version is the real Farce



 “If it’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that Samsung absolutely sucks when it comes to software.”

                      Ever hear of Apple Maps, iOS8, use Apple’s email, or File Manager?



“Just guessing.  The NYT and WSJ will not be running with this story.”

                      Earlier this week it was revealed that the Chinese government was behind a ‘Man in the Middle’ attack on the iCloud.  Not one major news outlet carried that story (apologies to the Huffington Post).



 “This is the type of stuff that happens when your primary software development tool is a box of band-aids. When you try to rush to market, shortcuts will be taken and come back to bite you in the ass.”

                       Is there an echo in here???  iOS8…



“Samsung’s having a bad couple of weeks, first #Gapgate then #Note4slowgraphicsgate, and now #Knoxgate.”

                       When it comes to the ‘Hacking Olympics’ Apple wins the Gold Metal for number of hacks in 2014 (even though Android is the most popular platform globally).  Apple also wins Honorable Mention for ‘Bendgate’ and improving on the Epilady with the ‘Applelady hair removal system

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“The government loves iOS for personal use but hates it for the rest of the country because they can’t spy on it. Knox will still allow them to accomplish their goals easier..”

                  If you truly believe the government cannot spy on iPhones then feel free to use your Firefox browser and search for the term ‘Dropout Jeep



“Still can’t offer:

  • best mobile productivity suite available  Productivity? It’s bloody painful to watch an iPhone user respond to an email and try to add an attachment


  •  best user experience   Do you consider being tethered to an electrical outlet enjoyable?


  • highest quality apps   Yes, access to 50 fart apps is exactly what I’m looking for


  • highest quality mobile phone photography in the greatestvvariety of situations   Be ready to do some research to find a phone produced in 2014 that offers less megapixels than the iPhone


  • highest customer satisfaction    If I paid that much for a phone I’d be too embarrassed to admit that I didn’t like it and risk being shunned by friends and co-workers


  • most reliable smartphone   Please define ‘reliable.’ Example- I must rely on my charger cord to get me thru the day.  I can’t save any risque photos because I can’t rely on the security.


  • most secure platforms available”  Secure and iPhone should NEVER be used in the same sentence.  How many BlackBerry OS10 hacks have occurred in 2014 vs iOS6, 7, or 8?  You may say that with 1% of the smartphone share why bother hacking BlackBerry?  Maybe because most Heads of State use them, the G7 uses them, as do military and other groups handling sensitive information





Simply buy a BlackBerry and avoid all this controversy and drama


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