Is The Passport The Most Sought After Device Of 2014?

Passport PKB

It’s been a few weeks since the launch of the Passport now. And that’s a few weeks since the first batch sold out in a matter of hours leaving many people shocked and frustrated in equal measure.

For those that HAVE got their hands on one, we are hearing joy unconfined. Blazing reviews from users. Friendly jealousy from those that haven’t got one. And a growing feeling that something rather special is happening.

This year we’ve seen the launch of the HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy 5 and the iPhone 6. All had some sort of buzz surrounding their launches. In every case that evaporated quickly as, at best, they turned out to be ‘just another phone’ or, at worst, they turned out to be a complete let down.

The Passport is the freshest device on the market for years. It does something DIFFERENT and, it would seem, the market has been crying out for something new.

I well remember a discussion I took part in last year when a group of Z10 owners, myself included, were discussing how people were impressed when they saw what it could do but said ‘is that an iPhone?’ because it wasn’t obvious it was a BlackBerry.

You can’t mistake the Passport. And it really does seem to be attracting people who are proud to #BeDifferent, people like self made billionaire Alan Sugar from here in the UK, Piers Morgan, Naomi Campbell or rapper Saigon.

Whilst iPhonians would point to the initial 10 million iPhone 6 sales (which will tail off rather alarmingly as did the SG5 ans HTC Onr M8) as proof that the world loves Apple that’s not the point here.

The Passport customer reviews are almost universally fantastic, The tech bloggers are coming onside sensing a change in the wind and people are so desperate, weeks after the launch, to get hold of a device that hardly any carriers are selling, that a website has even been set up to show customers where stock is available in the world in real time.

Unheard of. This thing is a phenomenan in the making.

So, forget the Apple fake queues and the phone reps talking up the HTC One M8 and SG5.

There is only one winner.

You could argue that BlackBerry should have made more. That this is a clever marketing ploy from a company renowned for making great phones and utterly useless ads. But I’m afraid you’d be wrong.

BlackBerry have been as taken aback as the rest of us.

Me? I’m in the second wave, projected delivery 20th October and I can’t wait.

I predict this little lot will disappear in back orders and this momentum will be maintained, making fools of everyone who wrote this device off before it was even launched.

If the customer reviews are good again and the stock goes fast (which it will) it will build further demand and really stoke the flames.

The Passport really is the most sought after device of 2014.

Have you ordered yours?


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  • jrohland

    BlackBerry has the best opportunity ever lock out the carriers and sell direct. Setup a financing contract then finance and sell only online. Let the carriers come begging. Sell unlocked and push updates directly. If T-Mobile wants it, tell them they only get it if they guarantee Wi-Fi calling works. If AT&T wants it, Passport is on the AT&T Web front page exclusively.

    • Gnomesane

      The BlackBerry Passport, the most sought after device of 2014 that some carriers are determined not to give you, lol. The situation is better in Canada, but I’m not feeling the love in the USA.

      Imagine if BlackBerry hadn’t tossed this up on ShopBlackBerry and Amazon on day one? I’m guessing by now it would have been declared to have met with a lacklustre response, a failure, etc…

      Of course I’m guessing, but thank goodness Chen put it up and let consumers decide. Now if only he’d made that initial production run just a bit bigger… or maybe a lot bigger, heh.

  • ital1

    In answer to the question, yes I ordered mine from Shop BlackBerry and unfortunately I am on the back order list as well. My first reaction was disappointment, then followed by anger. When I thought about it more, it did make more sense that they were most likely overcome by unanticipated demand. In the bigger picture, my awesome Z30 will hold me over up until October 29th, and this surge of demand is a great thing for BlackBerry.

  • xBURK

    I have owned the Z30 since last May. (My Passport is coming this week from Rogers) Unfortunately for BlackBerry, the Z30 as did my late Z10 really blended in as most devices from a far. I usually wouldn’t care, but BlackBerry needs to be noticed more than ever at the moment.
    Now, I doubt BlackBerry’s intention was to make the Passport so different that it’s impossible not to inquire about it? Most likely, their only goal was to set out to make the best business device possible. Whatever the reason, people are definitely finding it hard not to notice. On top of that, 90 percent of the Passport reaction testimonials around the net are positive. Even the last five big name tech site reviews I read are extremely positive. So much so, it’s as if the writers are slightly apologetic for ever doubting BlackBerry in the past. If Chen can somehow fix this problem in the USA, BlackBerry is definitely on to something special here. Although, he may be waiting to get most U.S enterprise accounts on board before doing as he has with the rest of the world? People have to realize that the old management left Chen way too many problems to deal with in the short amount of time since he took over. How he has managed to get this far is nothing short of a miracle. Even though it’s frustrating for BlackBerry fans in the States, you must feel your chances of a future turnaround is in good hands. It’s just going to take a bit longer if it comes true.

  • G-bone

    Got mine day one. Lovin’ it.
    Good things come to those who wait.
    The Faithful all should have been rewarded Day One…sadly, things don’t work that way…
    My Question?
    What are we on The Verge of?
    The death of self-satisfied, pusilanimous, bitter, New York mendicants in love with other angry Narcissists?
    I hope so.
    Get your Passport to a Brave New World.
    Or get out of the way…


  • Azensun

    Ordered. Panicked. Finally received. LOVE!
    I think the backorder “oops” is going to work in BlackBerry’s favor in the long term. The more reviewers keep talking about this device, the more people will take a second look. The more who take that second look just might click that ‘order’ button. And so it goes. And my bet is more Passports in more people’s hands. And the rest? Well, they might just take another look at BlackBerry….and LIKE what they see, and decide they WANT one.