Is the Deception Deliberate?



Interesting quote. Every good marketing exec. can tell you that pleasing the consumer is the ultimate goal. Is deception necessary to accomplish this? Looking at Apples success, from the beginning of Mankind, it would certainly seems so. But is it successful in the long haul?

BlackBerry is all about security and trust so it can’t afford to deceive the prospective buyers anymore than its customers.

Where does that leave BlackBerry as far as being a profitable company goes?So far a lot of that depends on what the media says, and so far they are the ones lying, cheating, manipulating. Time and again we can read about how BlackBerry is outdated technology, as a matter of fact, just today I read an article by some guy that claims to be the “authority on wearables” and he says that it is surprising that BBM would be supported on a wearable (as revealed at CES) because the company is still using aging handsets.

False as that statement may be, many people will pay mind to the statement because he is a (self-proclaimed) “authority ” on the matter. Never mind that Sony recently dug their old BlackBerry handsets out of a drawer because anything else had been hacked. So by this alone we see that even BlackBerrys from five years ago (or more) still surpass anything else on the market…. I wonder if they went out and purchased a bunch of BlackBerry 10 devices yet, they should.

I have also read in the past few days about how BlackBerry is spreading itself too thin…it needs to diversify. Again miss leading, probably by somebody that shorted bbry. RBC says the opposite, everything BlackBerry is doing now fits together, for example; you could get a BBM notification on your BlackBerry handset that IoT has been told by the QNX brain in your car that it is time for an oil change.

But alas, the deceptive people trying to please the iPhonians and the people with stock in tech other than BlackBerry will have you believe that BlackBerry is still trying establish itself…it’s not, it’s leading.



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  • ital1

    Great post Nik; the answer to your title’s question is without a doubt YES.

  • G-bone



  • bartron

    iOS users spend much more money than users of other platforms. So media and bloggers who attract lots of iOS users are more attractive to advertisers than those who don’t, and thus get more revenue from advertising than those who don’t. In short, attracting iOS users will make you more money. I’m quite certain that that is why the media and bloggers keep sucking up to iOS users. And since BlackBerry/BB10 is the opposite of iDevice/iOS, they bash BlackBerry and BB10. That’s the way I see it.

    Oh, and there’s probably a demographics issue too.

  • Brad

    Aging headsets my @$$. BB10 is new and fresh. IOS is the old man on the block now.

  • Anthony

    I believe the overall state of media today is “manipulation” and “corruption”. Marketing, pr firms, investors, and businesses are using media buddies to support their portfolios. locco_smiley_39

    • bartron

      Well said. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking too.

    • nnik

      There’s also the issue that there is no integrity left. Get the copy out, the hell with research and due diligence


    Here’s the thing. You cannot argue against someone’s religious beliefs. The key word here is ‘beliefs’. Applonians ‘believe’ that they are cool, hip and owners of the best of the best. They believe it and all Apple advertising supports that belief so that their customers will feel warm and cozy and safe in their arrogance.

    Nobody likes to be told, that what they believe in is wrong. It makes them feel foolish and deceived. So they cling to their beliefs and grasp at anything, including poorly written, uniformed blogs, to help them avoid the obvious; that their technology is ancient, their operating system is obsolete with more band aids than the local hospital, and their worshipped phone manufacturer, from the wondrous floating palace in Cupertino, has been playing them for fools.

    These people will have to be hit in the face with the truth before it sinks in and BlackBerry has come out swinging. And I understand Chen has a mean right hook!!

  • shanerredflag

    Leading indeed…good read, thx.