InstaAgent is Back ! …as two different, albeit similar apps

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Back in November, the 10th to be exact, the was an app found (and deleted from)  the Apple app store that stole Instagram usernames and passwords and sent them to an unknown server. The developer, Turker Bayram (Ismail Turkmen), came out publically with an apology a couple of days later. He says his app unintentionally posted spam to users accounts and that he used the logins. He denies saving the information.

Ask yourself this. Why would usernames and passwords be sent to an unknown server? Said to be quite unusual.
InstaAgent was quite a popular app before it was booted from the app stores. The app allowed users to see who was looking at their pictures. The app was initially removed for posting spam to peoples accounts. The initial password grabbing feature of InstaAgent was discovered by Peppersoft developer.

With the advent of spring, Turker Bayram (Ismail Turkmen) is back with two more apps. The same developer that discovered the “features” of the first app found that the two new apps, Who Cares With Me -InstaDetector and InstaCare -Who Cares With Me , will also scoop passwords and post spam to your account. These apps have both found their way into The Apple and Android app stores despite the developer being booted in the fall previous.




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  • Schmurf

    Yes, those app stores have hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from. Some are good, most are bad, and some will steal your data. Just what I would want from an app store. NOT!