Is BlackBerry the next Samsung?


I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read the title of this article at Benzinga:
Is Samsung the next BlackBerry? (written as if that would be a bad thing).

Because the article itself indicates that Samsung is on the downward slope. Meanwhile, BlackBerry is on the upward slope.

So when asking if Samsung is the next BlackBerry, I had to read the article to find out, just what does that mean? Good thing or bad thing for Samsung?

Well first thing I noticed is that the article sports a picture of the PassPort, so I am inclined to believe that the author is implying that being the next BlackBerry is a good thing.

Then the article begins:

SAMSUNG ELECT LTD mobile business declined 74 percent in the third quarter, highlighting the company’s ongoing struggle at retail. Is this a sign of things to come?

“In their current shape and form, every indication is that Samsung is going to be the next BlackBerry Ltd BBRY 2.01% and Nokia,” Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry told Benzinga.

So… bad thing?

Then poor Mr. Louis Bedigian bemoans the fact that he can see no future innovation for the Galaxy, which seems to be at it’s limit in the only thing it has counted on to produce new models… SPECS!!!

Galaxy S6: More Of The Same?

Samsung is reportedly rethinking its strategy for the Galaxy S6, but a new leak suggests that the device might offer more of the same.

The rumored specs include a 5.5-inch 1,440 x 2,560 pixel display, a 64-bit octa-core processor and a 20MP rear camera. This would provide Samsung with a better display than the iPhone 6 Plus (on paper, at least), but the processor may be playing catch up to Apple’s A8 chip.

“In terms of the screen size, I think Samsung is probably limited with what it can do [with the S6] because it must leave space above it for the Note, obviously, so it can’t get too big,” said Gleeson. “I think we’re probably at the limit with all of the flagships next year that they won’t increase in size massively.”

If nothing else, Gleeson expects Samsung to bring the Edge display (featured in the Galaxy Note Edge) to the Galaxy S6.

Specs Are A ‘Recipe For Disaster’

Chowdhry warned that Samsung needs more than upgraded specs if it wants to survive.

“Specs, by itself, is a recipe for a disaster,” said Chowdhry. “That is the fundamental problem of Samsung. I don’t think you can take specs in isolation.”

Instead, Chowdhry thinks that Samsung should focus on software — but not necessarily the OS.

“Everybody is doing Lollipop, so what is unique?” Chowdhry questioned. “What is Samsung’s differentiation? Can you remember the last time you went to the store to buy a phone and asked for technical specifications?”

So Mr. Louis Bedigian you are very confused, and you are confusing me.


Since BlackBerry actually IS innovating, with unique new display formats and Physical keyboard technologies, just what do you mean by the “next BlackBerry”?

Are you asking if Samsung will be innovating again? I think you answered that already. no. Not very soon. They already stopped quite a while ago and have only been relying on playing the specs game.

Are you asking if Samsung will be on the rise in terms of profit and sales? I think you answered that. no. The mobile business has declined 74 % in the third quarter.

So… what was your question Louis?

I fixed the title for you so it makes sense. You should not be asking “Will Samsung be the next Blackberry”, because your article demonstrates that they will not. Their sales are on the decline and they have reached their innovation limit. Your answer is no.

You should be asking, “Will BlackBerry be the next Samsung” because their sales will be on the upswing BECAUSE Of innovation. The answer is, yes.


I am a long time BlackBerry user and fan. Beginning with the 7520, I have recognized the value of subtle productivity enhancements in BlackBerry devices for business communication and have never since strayed. Even when the iPhone took the market by storm, I was unimpressed, because it did nothing to help my business needs. Currently enjoying my one handed dream phone, the Classic! BB10 with a toolbelt! Today I contribute to UTB whenever I feel that I can help enlighten someone on the benefits of using BlackBerry over any other platform.