Is Apple Pulling The Wool Over The Follower’s Eyes?

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Well According to a Harvard business study and what we have been saying for some time now, that is exactly what Apple is doing as reported in the Harvard Business Review – We Shouldn’t be Dazzled By Apple’s Earnings Report.

Yes yes I get it, Apple reported quarterly earnings that have never been achieved by any company before them.  We know this and Apple lovers can’t seem to stop talking about it, however, when looking at the big picture, things aren’t as rosy as Apple would like its followers to believe.

Apple’s record Q1 earnings report may have led some consumers to believe that the “old” Apple is back. And the world wants that Apple back. We want the Apple that revolutionized industries and communication in the last decade.

But does the fact that it earned more money in one quarter than any company in history mean that our beloved Apple is alive and well? A look at the bigger picture within which these numbers sit suggests an alternate view.

We have been telling our readers that Apple has become stale.  They have rested on their laurels knowing that their users will continue to lap up the same old devices and out dated OS.  By their own admission the vast majority of their sales are recycled and repeat customers.  This is something that will not last especially if Apple continues on its same path minor tweaks to an already stale product.

But one thing has changed. Apple used to revolutionize industries, announcing record sales numbers because it had introduced a new technology, feature, or product that we had never imagined but that, when we saw it, we all instantly wanted. That Apple seems no longer present. In this instance, all Apple has done is copy a feature for its own best customers. While that’s very effective for today, it does not solve the problem of tomorrow for a company that competes on serial innovation.

Announcing boatloads of money, as if that were point, makes us think Apple no longer has the vision to keep on revolutionizing. It makes us think that it can no longer do what it did before — which is to tell us what comes next.

What’s more, by dazzling us with dollars, it seems that Apple’s leaders are deliberately trying to divert our attention. By making such a communication effort to let us know how much money they’ve made — instead of what they’ve done to change the world recently — they are inevitable forcing us to ask ourselves, is this what we get from the new Apple?

So yes Apple sold millions of devices last quarter. Yes Apple made profits never before seen.   Heck they even announced the sale of their 1 billionth iOS device.  From a general consumer perspective, this is phenomenal.  Herein lies the problem. Their market share is dropping and those users who they stated were return and upgrades may be starting to realize that they have been duped into buying the same old same old for several years.  This trend looks to continue as Apple in their eternal arrogance believes that nothing will change for them.

A word to the wise, get off this sinking ship before its too  late.  They can dazzle all they want with sales figures and numbers but ultimately, unless they truly innovate things are looking bleak for the future and it won’t be long when case studies will involve dissecting how a the world’s largest, most profitable and most influential company lost its way and its spot at the top.

Yes innovation like BlackBerry, BB10, QNX, IOT, BBM and so on and so forth.  And no Apple, there’s NO app for that.

  • nnik

    Apple hasn’t revolutionized squat except marketing strategy. Everything they have brought forth as innovative has been copied from someone else.

  • jrohland

    “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” – H. L. Mencken

  • Blackjack

    BlackBerry Powered posted a gear link on this subject “We shouldn’t be dazzled by Apple’s earnings report”

    • Blackjack

      And I should probably read the article before commenting, huh?
      Hey I’m a multitasker.

  • Blackjack

    The earnings only reflect the extent to which they have hoodwinked and abused their own following. Great post Ray.

    • ray689

      Thanks Blackjack and the fact is, you are 100% correct yet Apple so arrogant they flaunt that fact in their follower’s face. Honestly, I don’t feel bad for people who are spending thousands on their products.

  • razrrob

    Seriously, what do those buffoons at HBR know anyways…


    • ray689

      Lol sarcasm when you say it…pure truth (in their mind) when coming from an iphonian.

  • KIA

    There’s absolutely nothing innovative about anything Apple releases. They’ve lacked innovation for years now. I read somewhere that Apple is the cause for mass Innovation “Stagnation”. Because they are somewhat popular due to there Extremely Clever Marketing Tactics.

    Why do they have Billions upon Billions? How about ripping off the Government’s by way of Tax Evasions in several Countries.
    Many account holdings in off shore accounts by way of accounting tricks.

    I don’t support Apple, not because they have Crap products, it’s because they help wreck economies by not paying there fair share, and hard working citizens end up paying extra taxes.

    • razrrob


  • veeru789

    The problem with tech bloggers and public is that they confuse apps with innovation. One can argue with a person who knows this stuff or who doesn’t know. How can one argue with someone who THINKS he knows everything.