Iranian Hackers Revealed 15 Million Telegram Users

A new story comes to the headlines as another messaging app is hacked. This time it is one of the most secure ones, at least that what Telegram founders told us.

The hacking revealed 15 million users’ information and compromised people like journalists and other sensitive position people. Iran reportedly has 20 million users and almost all of them aren’t as secure as they thought. A lot of people in Iran are now hoping that their information and activities will not fall in the wrong hands.

Over 100 million subscribers rely on Telegram, including much of the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, including some high profile militant groups.

The vulnerability of Telegram is the SMS that activates the user account according to Collin Anderson, an independent researcher, and Claudio Guarnieri, a technologist for Amnesty International. The SMS that Telegram sends to new users is intercepted by the hackers, and then they can read history messages of users or even new messages.

“We have over a dozen cases in which Telegram accounts have been compromised, through ways that sound like basically coordination with the cellphone company,” Anderson said in an interview.

The Telegram hackers, the researchers said, belonged to a group known as Rocket Kitten, which used Persian-language references in their code they carried out.

There’s still one platform that keeps you safe and keeps your privacy, BBM.




Roy Shpitalnik

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