Iran to Block Telegram for National Security

The country will replace the messenger with it’s own local service.

An Iranian news site is reporting that the country will be blocking Telegram. The head of the parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, Alaeddin Boroujerd, is quoted as saying the decision was made “at the highest level.”

The report claims that a local system will replace the messaging app. The decision comes after the app played a vital role in the recent anti-government protests. During the protests at least 25 people were killed, and almost 5,000 more were jailed by the tyrannical government.

The Associated Press reports that Telegram has around 40 million users in Iran, and that the chat app was previously shut down during the aforementioned protests.

I am a firm believer that tech companies should provide methods to help authorities with lawful access requests when dealing with lawful investigations into crime or terror, but not for full scale mass surveillance. I never want to see a company capitulate to tyrannical regimes.

Good luck to the people of Iran.


Source: Associated Press


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