iPhonian vs Androidian Bottle Fight – Who’ll Win???

bottle fight

Sometimes people can take it all too far…

In yet another example of utter pointlessness an iPhonian and an Androidian were hospitalised recently in Tulsa after a ‘heated debate’ about whose ‘smart’phone was the best turned ugly.

According to UK Business Insider:

Two men literally tried to stab each other to death during a heated debate over smartphones.

One man refused to acknowledge the iPhone’s superiority while the other refused to admit that the new Samsung smartphone was better.

When they couldn’t reach an agreement they proceeded to stab each other repeatedly with smashed beer bottles.

Police arrived on the bloody scene around 1:00am and attempted to cool things down.

Both men were taken to the hospital with cuts all over their bodies and are expected to make a full recovery.

Oh, come on. Outdated clunky 2012 OS with stupid home button vs outdated clunky 2012 OS with stupid home button. It was NEVER going to end well, other than a couple of flat batteries.

All we can say is that they should thank their lucky stars a BlackBerrian wasn’t the third room mate and they didn’t stumble upon them.

As, once they’s been utterly embarrassed by the BlackBerry’s superiority, they’d have probably turned the bottles upon themselves to finish the job.


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