iPhonian Reveals Apple’s Secret Scam. It’s A Shock!


Yes, my friends, every so often the scales drop before their eyes. What surprises us, of course, is what a big surprise it is to them. But that’s how it is when you are trapped in the iWorld of Wonder…

Over at UK Business Insider Ben Gilbert has discovered something rather disturbing about the iPhone. You never seem to have enough space. In itself that wouldn’t be a problem. Ben could always berate himself for buying the cheaper version with it’s massive 16GB storage (no SD card, remember) and continually getting the following messages:


And Apple can happily say it was his fault for not planning ahead.

However, Ben, on contacting Apple on this very subject, has discovered that it all seems to be a bit of an iScam!


I know!!

Apple, apparently, doesn’t think this is a big issue.

Here’s the incredibly frustrating answer that Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller gave Apple writer John Gruber during a podcast on Tuesday night, live from Apple’s annual developer conference in San Francisco, when asked about the paltry storage on the most common iPhone:

The belief is more and more as we use iCloud services for documents and our photos and videos and music, that perhaps the most price-conscious customers are able to live in an environment where they don’t need gobs of local storage because these services are lightening the load.

Let’s unpack that statement.

Anyone who owns an iPhone has access to 5GB of free cloud storage – “iCloud” – where various files you’d normally store locally can be uploaded to “the cloud” (a remote computer that stores your information and allows you to access it via the internet). Beyond just settings, iCloud promises to back up your iPhone’s photos, contacts, mail, and many other types of data.

Since iCloud is tied to your iTunes login, it also backs up information from any other Apple devices you choose to connect to iCloud.

But let’s say you only have an iPhone and no other Apple devices. Your 16GB iPhone better have less than 5GB of data you want to back up, otherwise you’ve gotta pony up for more iCloud storage. That’s on top of the minimum of $200 you spent for an iPhone in the first place, not to mention the astronomic monthly payment to your service provider (mine’s nearly $100/month for Verizon).

Schiller’s argument is basically this: as more people use iCloud, it’ll help offload the burden of locally stored content. Or, more bluntly: if you want to fix the problem, you can pay us more money.

He digs in on that argument later in his statement, when he references, “the most price-conscious customers.” He means people who only spent $200 on an iPhone, instead of $300 or more on iPhones with more local storage. (The extra $100 gets you an iPhone with 64GB of storage, which is more than enough for most people.)

Apple’s solution to your iPhone constantly running into storage issues? “Pay us more.” And it’s working!

As Business Insider’s Henry Blodget wrote in September 2014, just after the iPhone 6 was announced:

The decision-making logic for most iPhone buyers will probably go like this:

* I can get my new iPhone for $199 or $299 (depending on screen size), enjoy the bigger screen for five minutes, and then spend the next two years tearing my hair out about the tiny storage, OR

* I can shell out an extra $100 to buy four times as much storage.

The decision is easy: shell out the extra $100 for dramatically higher storage. That’s $300 for an iPhone 6 or $400 for an iPhone 6 Plus, so you can avoid the hassle of running out of storage space. That’s not about serving customers, that’s about serving Apple’s bottom line.

Well, let me take the hassle, and cost, away for you completely Ben.

Let me make that decision REALLY easy.

Currently my BlackBerry Passport has 153 apps installed.

Of it’s on board 32 GB storage, I have 15.17 GB free.

Of my 64 GB SD memory card I have 48.6 GB free.

Through BlackBerry Link I have access to my laptops hard drive where ever I am. That’s another 906 GB free.

So, as you can see, without giving anything to anyone I have almost 1 Terra-byte of LOCAL space available to me through my BlackBerry. Oh, I could always add a flash drive or 20 using my USB OTG cable which cost pennies to take that as far as I would want it to go.

And, if I fancy the Cloud, I have lots of free space I can use via Dropbox, Box or One Drive, thanks very much.

So, faced with the choice of $100 for an extra 48 GB of iStorage (all handily backed up to your iCloud for all to see anyway) OR over 1 TB of BlackBerry storage for, er, pretty much nothing I think it might be time to weigh up your options and take the plunge.

Time to say no to the iRip Off

Time to come #BackToBlack.

Time for a BlackBerry.


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