iPhone X, 10 Days In and is All Well?

The iPhone X was released on November 3rd. Ten days later, where are we?

I’m writing this on November 13th. That’s 10 days after the iPhone X was released. The iPhone X release was timed for the 10 year anniversary of the original iPhone. Apple wants us to call it the “iPhone ten” because of the 10th anniversary. But there’s a problem with this, as Apple is currently on the iPhone 8. What comes after 9 I wonder? Will it be 11? Or will they call it the iPhone 10 numerically instead of using the Roman X? Do I even care?

If you’re expecting a review of the new phone, you’re in the wrong place. I have no plans of buying the device. I think it’s safe to assume Apple won’t be sending me one. Instead, let’s look at how the iPhone X has made the headlines over the last 10 days.

It’s so cold the screen froze.

Users that were affected by Touch Disease might be having flashbacks. Users that take their new iPhone outside into colder temperatures are discovering that their phone is freezing. Not in terms of temperature, but merely unresponsive to touch. Oddly enough, Apple promises a software fix for this physical symptom.

This phone is fragile! And expensive to fix

Glass breaks. We all know it. So why not put it on the front and the back of the phone? What can go wrong? And while we’re at it, let’s just make it super expensive to replace. No one will mind that at all right? A favorite YouTube channel showed us just how fragile the X is. I suppose Apple can at least brag that the X is sturdier than the 8 right?

Speaker issues

Some users are reporting a buzzing or crackling from the speakers on both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. Some have had their iPhones replaced, only to suffer the same issue on their replacement phones.

That’s no charging status.

When the BlackBerry Priv arrived, the charging status bar on the side of the screen was something to be excited about. Once you saw the green bar on the side of the phone, you knew your phone was charged and ready to go. At first glance, you’d assume that Apple had stole that status bar. It wouldn’t be the first thing that Apple had stolen from other OEM’s. Gestures anyone?

No, in this case, the green bar that is showing up on some users new phones, is a problem. It has nothing to do with charging, and it doesn’t go away. This has yet to be fixed, and users are having the affected phones replaced.


Ok, I admit it. These are cool. Are they 1000 dollars cool? Nope.

That notch

It’s more than just a punchline, although Samsung did make good use of it in one of their advertisements. It’s one of Apple’s premium designs. Something which users would surely utilize to show off that they paid the premium to get the X over the 8 right? The problem is, this notch is almost universally hated. It’s very telling when the must have app for the new phone is an app that makes wallpapers that hide the notch.



If you’re going to have your waterproofing fail on a phone, you probably don’t want it to be a test phone for a site like CNET.

FaceID lasted longer than TouchID

It should come as no surprise that twins are able to open each other’s phones utilizing FaceID. But is it a surprise that FaceID has been tricked by using a mask? In fairness, it’s not a quick and easy trick. It’s a costly mask that was engineered to trick FaceID. It’s something most of us will surely never have to worry about. But if you’re a celebrity or a politician? Odds are you probably don’t want to be using FaceID.



Limited Availability

We knew this would be an issue. We were warned before the phone was released. Oddly enough, I don’t know anyone that is having to wait on the phone. Do you?

10 days since the release of the 10th anniversary iPhone, and it certainly has been making headlines. I’m just not sure these are the headlines I’d be hoping for if I was Tim Cook.


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