iPhone Users No Longer Able To FaceTime Without iOS 7


We all have iFriends that are choosing not to upgrade their iPhones to iOS 7 for various reasons. Some don’t like the new Teletubbies inspired interface. Some have heard of the battery issues that have come with the update. Some have jail broken their phones in order to try and make them useful, and as of right now, iOS 7 can’t be jail broken. And many many others, are on older devices, and iOS 7 simply doesn’t work well on the older devices. I’ve heard that an iPhone 4 on iOS 7 makes a Samsung Galaxy look like the Flash, Honestly, add these issues to the Swiss cheese security on iOS 7, and I can’t say I blame them for not updating.

On April 16th, all these update rebels started noticing something new wrong with their phones. No, not the fact that there’s a half eaten fruit on the back, and not that it’s running the oldest OS still being sold on ‘premium’ phones. No, not these blaring issues at all. They’re suddenly unable to use FaceTime.

Apparently, a “device certificate” expired, and Apple has no intention of renewing this. The response to their customers? Update to iOS 7. Don’t want to update? Then you can’t use FaceTime any longer. And the sheep shall continue to claim that Apple has the best customer support out there. I suppose they’re oh so happy with Apple for replacing their defective power button’s, that they can forgive the fact that Apple chose to stop supporting their device. Or at least, stop supporting their devices that run the way they want them to, as opposed to how Apple prefer’s them to.

Apple states that 87% of users are currently running iOS7. Apparently they are using Legere math to determine that those remaining 13% simply don’t matter. Or they matter greatly to Apple. We now know that nearly all of Apple’s iPhone sells are replacement phones. We also know that they have an overabundance of iPhone 5c’s sitting in the supply chain. We also know that there is a new, bigger iPhone coming. So, doesn’t this seem like a perfect sales plan created by Apple? Take away a basic function on your older phone, and if you need that function, then upgrade to the new OS, which make your phone nearly unusable. Either that, or buy a new iPhone. Yes, as I write that out, that seems like very typical strategy for Apple.

And in case you wondered, video chat work’s great on BB10. It’s even higher quality. And you can make those calls from your brand new phone to an old Playbook, which is an old EOL machine. Sometimes it seems as though Apple is leaving the gate open. Now if the sheep would just see that opening and make a run for it, the mobile world would be a better place.


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