iPhone Users – Break Free At Last!

The New iFreedom
The New iFreedom!

From the makers of the revolutionary iSocket…

Comes a breakthrough in iThought…

At last!

You suffered, they listened!

New from Apple Inc…

The iFreeedom.

Yes iPhonians!

No need to cling to the wall, one ear pressed to the plaster… Now you can roam to your hearts content!

The new iFreedom comes with over 6 metres (that’s 20 feet in proper money) of roaming goodness.

Imagine… you can now use your iPhone almost anywhere (in the house(ish)), in the kitchen, in the hall, even halfway up the stairs!

And not just that, the iFreedom comes in a dazzling array of pretty colours, each more lurid than the last.

AND with the features you’d expect from a genuine Apple product.

A non-convertible socket and a shiny logo.


That’s not all!

You can also roam with a friend!

Yes, thanks to literally minutes of iEngineering goodness, they’ve thrown in a second socket on the iFreedom!

Meaning that you can talk merrily to the person stood next to you for hours without worrying about that pesky battery dying on you.

The iFreedom.

Just another problem solved by Apple Inc.

Your welcome.

This message was brought to you by #BlackBerryUnleashed

‘Yet More Helpful Products In An Unhelpful World’


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