iPhone 6 User Suffers Second Degree Burns

The old rice trick just didn’t work.

Luke Schilhab of Lake Jackson, Texas made a mistake, and paid the price. Last Saturday, Schilhab decided to take a dip in a swimming pool. Unfortunately, he took his iPhone 6 into the pool with him. By the time he realized, the phone was soaked, and quickly turned off.

Schilhab attempted to do the first thing most of us do if we’ve ever got a cell phone wet. He put it in a container of rice to dry out. But it just didn’t work. Sunday night, he took the phone out of the rice and attempted to turn it on. But to no avail. Now, with a destroyed iPhone, Schilhab went to sleep with the phone next to him.

The next morning, Schilhab woke with a start to find that he had rolled over onto the phone and he suffered second degree burns.

“I didn’t even know what it was that burnt me right off the bat until I jumped up and turned on the light and looked over. It was my phone,” said Schilhab.

On Monday, Schilhab purchased a new iPhone.

Now, this story is a slight bit different from the much ore typical story of exploding iPhones. This phone was damaged, before the user was injured. This was definitely not normal wear and tear on a phone and I don’t believe Apple could really be blamed for this. However, I would take this as an opportunity.

If you soak an iPhone, don’t waste rice. Don’t waste time. Just shove that phone off into the bin. But make sure it’s fireproof. Then head here and get yourself a real smartphone.

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  • anthogag

    You can’t get a real smartphone. There are no more BB10 devices for sale at shopblackberry.

  • James h Jackson jr

    Reaching the bottom of the barrel on this one

    • Nah, bottom of the barrel would be using an iPhone.