iPhone Security Broken, By Apple

Apple welcomes back a vulnerability that leaves up to date devices vulnerable to attack.

If you’re smart, you know you should keep your smartphones updated. If you’re smart you know that those updates include security patches which help keep you from getting hacked. If you’re smart, you don’t use an iPhone. Apple’s latest update, has left those that ensure they keep their devices updated, are now vulnerable to attack.

iOS updates have a history of introducing new problems for iPhone users. Many of these updates have even left users with an iPhone that closely resembles an effeminate brick. But it’s not that common that an iOS update introduces old problems. iOS 12.4 has done just that by reintroducing a vulnerability that had previously been patched in iOS 12.3.

Almost as fast as the vulnerability was discovered, renowned iOS jailbreaker Pwn20wnd has released a public jailbreak. Many iPhone users have been quite happy to use this jailbreak and have even taken to social media to share that they have jailbroken their iPhones. A smart user would never do this.

Jailbreaking your mobile device may give you more “control” over your device, however it also makes it far too easy to lose control of your device altogether. The same vulnerabilities which allow users to jailbreak their phones, also make it all too easy for malicious actors to carry out malware attacks. And jailbroken phones are an easy invitation to hackers.

If you are an iPhone user, that hasn’t updated their iPhone. Congratulations. You are now safer than those on the most current version of Apple’s mobile software.


Photo by thiago japyassu from Pexels


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