iPhone Get’s The Blues

What does B.B. King have in common with the iPhone 6? If you said they’ve both worked with U2, you’d be right, but it’s not the answer I’m looking for. If you said they’re both plus sized, then you’re probably a bit of a jerk. The proper answer is that they both have the blues.

While there’s any number of things that the iPhone should be blue about, you know, the folding, the leaking, the crashing, the exploding, there’s a whole new issue that appears to be affecting the iPhone 6 now. It’s turning blue.

All iPhonians will tell you, no one makes as fashionable phone as Apple. Why, there is nothing as attractive and sexy as the iPhone! Made out of super light aluminum, thin and sleek, with only that fancy camera lens jutting out like the mole on a supermodel’s face. If it was good enough for Cindy Crawford, it’s good enough for Apple! And helping the iPhone 6 earn it’s stripes, are, well, stripes. Made out of  genuine high quality plastic, at the top and bottom. And while they are supposed to be white, some are discovering they’re just… not… so much… anymore.

As I’m sure Apple would tell you, Apple users have been using their phones wrong. They’ve been putting them in their pockets. Now we know they are not supposed to do that, they’re made out of aluminum for crying out loud, and they could end up folded or exploded or whatnot. But those that are being particularly careful, and have yet to fold their phone, are discovering that the dye from their favorite blue jeans, are turning the fancy white plastic of their iPhone 6 blue.

BGR reports new iPhone dilemma “Dyegate” even showing off a few pictures of the blue phones. Apparently the issue has happened to a few of their readers, and when the readers contacted Apple for solutions, they were told to use several cleaning solutions to remove the dye. Unfortunately, it appears the solutions were no solution, and the iPhones, while presumably smelling nice now, is still blue.

image via BGR
image via BGR

Fapplegate, Bendgate, Hairgate, and now Dyegate. For a closed garden, Apple sure has a lot of gates in that fence. One thing is for certain, while Apple didn’t really bring anything new or innovative with the iPhone 6, they’ve sure given us a lot to talk about. What could possibly be next?



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