iPhone Explodes in User’s Hands on CCTV

iPhone 6+ explosion results in evacuation of phone repair shop.

This Queensland user took his iPhone 6+ into a phone repair shop to have his broken screen repaired. While checking in the phone with the repairman, the iPhone explodes in the users hands.

As the screen is blown away from the rest for the phone, the user drops the phone on the desk, where it proceeds to let out the cloud of smoke from the exploding lithium battery. After dousing the smoking phone with a fire extinguisher, we can see as the parties head outside.

The shop had to be closed for the rest of the day due to the lingering fumes from the blown up device. This user should consider themselves lucky to walk away from a phone that exploded in his hands with no apparent injury.

iPhones continue to explode, and yet more often than not, the stories of these exploding devices are nothing more than a blip to mainstream media. We all saw what happened with the exploding phone disaster of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. That story rightfully held the limelight of tech news until long after the last recall was complete. Why hasn’t the story of the exploding iPhones captured more attention? There are a few differences to the story.

First of all, the Note 7 was one phone, and it was highly explosive. The explosive iPhones have been far more than one model. iPhones have been exploding with regularity since the devices started to be manufactured of aluminum, and the protection of the explosive lithium battery was sacrificed for thinness.

Samsung also admitted there was a problem. This is something which Apple has not done. In fact, instead of admitting a problem, they’ve blamed the customer. With most of these device explosions, we receive generally the same information from Apple, that they are investigating. Unfortunately, we rarely hear any outcome from these investigations. And in the case of the most recent chain of explosions, Apple stated that the devices were damaged, and this is what lead to the issue. I’m sure that would be the same response to this phone. After all, the iPhone was damaged.

The customer was bringing the device to the repair shop to get the damaged screen replaced. There is no denying that the phone was damaged. However, how common is this type of damage on an iPhone? How often do we see iPhone users with broken screens? It’s quite common. It’s common enough to have spawned an entire industry of mall kiosks to open who’s primary services offered are the repair of broken iPhone screens. It’s common enough that Apple is currently fighting “right to repair” laws across the globe.

Personally, I don’t believe this can be pawned off on the customer. If certain damage is this common, I’d argue that it is more of a design issue of the iPhone instead of a care issue of the user. Realistically, products should hold up to normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear should not result in items failing in such a way that people could be injured.

I have been writing far to regularly about iPhones exploding for the last two years. At what point will this issue be corrected instead of ignored?




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  • BlueTroll

    Apple has taken a page from politicians. Deny, delay, and diffuse. If the news and arts community weren’t so infatuated with Apple products, they would keep up the news pressure.

  • anthogag

    It should be obvious we can’t use these viral videos as judge and jury proof. So much of this shit is staged, designed to “go viral”.

    But, in this video this iPhone doesn’t need an app to pretend it’s a road flare o/

  • Rob

    He was quite obviously holding it wrong, stop blaming Apple for people’s mistakes. :P

  • Mike Robinson

    Not Apple-related, but did you catch the story on the BBC about a pair of headphones which caught fire mid-flight on a sleeping user’s head? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-39275826

    • Yes! The images are amazing. lol. But I still haven’t seen the brand listed. Assuming it’s some off-brand knockoff