iPhone Explodes in Child’s Hands

The 11 year old was watching YouTube videos when her iPhone burst into flames.

Another iPhone has exploded. This time, in the hands of a child. Kayla Ramos is an 11 year old in Bakersfield California who was merely watching YouTube videos on her iPhone 6 when the device burst into flames.

Kayla states that the phone burned her hands, but she threw the phone quickly enough to not sustain any injuries. The phone burned holes right through the blanket on which it landed. Kayla was actually lucky that this was the only damage that was sustained.

Apple has asked Kayla’s mother, Maria Adata to send the phone back to the phone company so they can investigate the cause of the explosion. This is the tired answer that Apple continues to the multitude of users that have had their iPhones explode. Unfortunately, through all the investigations, we have yet to hear any public conclusions to those investigations.

Local news station 23ABC contacted Apple for information on the story only to find that Apple’s PR rep knew nothing of the case. They did however state there are certain things that can cause iPhones to explode. Of course, all of these things are items which Apple can blame on the customer. Among those, using unauthorized chargers, third party repairs, and damage to the phone. Adata states that none of these causes are applicable to this device.

By now, we can be certain that we will never hear the results of Apple’s “investigation” into this exploding iPhone, but we can at least be glad that 11 year old Kayla came out of the episode unscathed.

Source: Apple Insider


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