iPhone Explodes Near Infant, Burns Parents

While a couple were burned, thankfully their infant was safe from an exploding iPhone.

It has been a while since a story of an iPhone exploding has come across our desks. Could the wave of exploding iPhones finally be over? No, sadly it’s not. Curtis Gilmore and girlfriend DeAngela Miller of Washington D.C. were relaxing in bed with their infant daughter.

“We were just talking and something went pow. I bounced up and looked to see the phone was on fire,” explained Miller.

The phone was an iPhone 6S that belonged to Miller’s brother. The phone was not charging, and hadn’t even been used recently, when it suddenly burst into flames. The explosion resulted in minor injuries. Gilmore’s arm was burned along with Miller’s leg. Luckily, their 3 year old daughter who was also resting in the now charred bed came out of the incident unscathed.

As for Apple’s response to the incident? It’s the same canned response we’ve heard countless times before from Apple. They will investigate to see what caused the explosion. After the amount of iPhone explosions, and Apple investigations in to these explosions, shouldn’t Apple have found the reason behind these incidents by now?

iPhone explode near infant




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