iPhone Error 53 Class Action Filed


A few days ago we told you about Seattle law firm PCVA which was asking victims of Apple’s new “Error 53” policy to contact them for a possible class action lawsuit. Today, they filed their complaint with requesting a class action jury trial in the Northern District Court of California.

The complaint asks for damages in excess of $5 million, for Apple to permanently discontinue the policy that is leading to Error 53, and making all repair and replacement costs fully covered under warranty.

Let’s hope the victims of Apple’s newest method to increase sales begin to see the light about Apple’s business practices. We will be keeping an eye out as this case unfolds.

Again, if you or those you know have fallen victim to Error 53, you may contact PCVA here

See the full complaint below.

Error 53 Lawsuit


Source: Phone Arena 


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    Sadly, Apple has a huge legal farm and can afford to fight this until the cows come home, driving the costs for the complainants into the stratosphere. Let’s hope that Apple buy’s itself a wagon load of bad press in the process.

  • skeezo

    This article inspired me to do an internet search on Apple the evil corporation, and I came across this gem. A little old, but a good read!


  • Observation Junkie

    Apple seems to be attacked on so many fronts, it’s tax affairs being investigated by EU, it’s Error 53 etc….

    This is a company that is starting to lose its customer base, although slowly but surely.

    It has become too greedy and attempts to lock in its suppliers and customers into a very expensive system.