iPhone Continues to Create Industries


It wasn’t long ago that we spoke about how the iPhone had helped to create a whole new industry in the mobile landscape. Malls all over the world have seen growth in the last few years. Growth in the form of small pagodas or corner shops with one purpose, a purpose that has kept them busy and profitable. iPhone screen repair shops! The sheer number of these shops tell us that this has been a thriving industry.

Apple didn’t stop there though! There’s another even more recent industry that has exploded. That industry is of course, portable power packs! Thanks to Apple choosing to sacrifice battery in order to keep their phones waif slim, iPhone users have been left needing to be attached to a power source for most of their days, and didn’t seem to mind. Some went to extreme lengths to find outlets to plug in to. That is until our man John Chen coined the term “wall hugger” and of course Samsung made a commercial utilizing the term making fun of iPhone users.

And once iPhone users became the butt of jokes for hugging walls all the live long day, they started looking for solutions. One would think that the solution would be for Apple to simply correct the issue and provide users with a battery that lasted past lunch time. But Sir Jony Ive made it clear that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, iPhone users started looking at moble battery packs. What was once simply an accessory only the most geeky of the geeks would carry, iPhone users suddenly saw a way to make their iPhones mobile.

Today, if you walk in to your local Best Buy or equivalent electronics shop, you will find a whole new section, filled with a variety of battery packs, in multiple styles and colors. When battery packs started arriving in hot pink, there was no denying that these were no longer just for geeks.

Now, manufacturers are starting to get creative with their chargers. Just last week we showed you the battery case that turned an iPhone in to a small boom box, now how about a hidden charger inside a wallet? Nomad has recently launched a wallet with an integrated iPhone charger. The wallet packs a hidden 2400 mAh battery promising a full charge for an iPhone, and tucked away in the spine of the wallet, “a Lightning plug purchased from Apple”

A question for Sir Jony, how are iPhone users supposed to fit all these battery packs in to their skinny jeans?


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