iPhone bug uses video to cause crashes

Latest iPhone bug crashes handsets with a video

Following on from “Dategate” (the revelation that changing the date on an iPhone could cause it to crash) and “Powergate” (the iPhone-crashing text message that flashed across social media as well as iPhones, and was fixed by Apple last year), comes “Videogate”, a new iPhone bug that uses a .mp4 format video clip to crash handsets.

After playing the clip, which is circulating on the internet, affected iPhones will remain usable for a couple of minutes before growing even more sluggish and eventually crashing altogether. It appears to be effective on every version of iOS since iOS5 – and on iOS10 Beta 3, it forces the iPhone to display the spinning wheel that normally heralds the shutdown of the device.

The video clip seems to have no effect on Android or Windows devices – nor, we would expect, on devices running BlackBerry 10!

Currently, the only way to fix an affected iPhone is to perform a hard reset – or alternatively, ditch the iPhone altogether and get something more secure!

Better off with a BlackBerry!

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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