iPhone Bombs in Hong Kong


The iPhone bombs in Hong Kong! Err.. no.. I got that wrong. Sorry about that.

An iPhone was a bomb in Hong Kong! There, that makes more sense.

A woman in Hong Kong was awoke by the sound of her exploding iPhone 6. Luckily she was not injured and was able to put out the flames with her pillow. Now before Mr. Cook and crew claim she was using it wrong, it was not in use, the poor woman was asleep after all! She had it charging, as iPhone users need to do since Apple decided a thinner phone was more important than a battery that lasts any decent amount of time. (more on that in an upcoming post). And alas, she was not using an aftermarket charger. She was in fact using an iPad charger which officially supports the iPhone.

This story, much like the story of Kishan Yadav  had a happy ending with no injuries except for a burnt up iPhone. If only Erik Johnson  and Phillip Lechter had been so lucky. Don’t worry though, that’s only 4 exploding iPhones that we’ve written about since October of last year. I’m sure they’re safe. However a phone case made out of Nomex wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea…

Source: TechnoBuffalo


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  • nnik

    I prefer being proactive, step on it then bin it.

    • Brad


  • Chaplain_Clancy

    She was obviously sleeping wrong.

    • Brad


  • BB Racer !!

    No worries, the iPhone app launcher will come out with the iFire Alarm APP ! How it will work is beyond me but rest to sure iPhonians will download it ! If they are buying iWatches anything is possible !!!

  • Anthony

    The charger was likely severely worn out and produced a short circuit. locco_smiley_20