iPhone and Android Users Getting Hijacked


There’s a new issue affecting iPhone and Android users. Already facing productivity roadblocks due to the inefficiencies of the respective OS’s now the poor users can’t even surf the internet in peace. It seems there is an issue with users browsers being redirected. The odd thing, is no one knows why.

As users surf the net, they are finding that they are suddenly being redirected to pornography, advertisements, and more commonly, the app store. Strangely enough, more often then not, when being redirected to the app store, it’s to download Candy Crush, as if there’s not enough people with that on their phone.  

Professor Nigel Phair, a former Australian Federal Police officer and head of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre states “With Android in particular, any man and his dog can make an app and it can be full of anything including malicious software, redirects, anything.”

Professor Alistair McGibbon from the University of Canberra and the Centre for Internet Safety states “Often, when you purchase an app you give permission to the creator to access your contacts, all of your to-and-from emails, all of your past and ongoing communications, granular information in exchange for a free game. I wonder if people know what they’re trading off sometimes.”

In response to the issue, Google has stated that security checks are in place, while Apple made a very typical Apple statement, that they would not discuss security concerns. As usual I’m left wondering if Apple has any concern for user security.


source: News.com.au


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  • nnik

    Apple has no security….. just marketability…of your information

  • ray689

    Wow that’s ridiculous. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, what will it take for these people wake up?

  • I’ve not experienced this yet. But, I will also say, I hardly browse the internet on my iPhone 6 Plus. As for games, well, I have an Xbox One for that.

    It is scary that the likes of Apple and Google aren’t more abreast about security. Then again, maybe they are, just not quite keeping up with it. You know some five year old is sitting at home now trying to hack something!

    • jrohland

      It is clear their customers don’t care about security so why should they spend any money on that?