The iPhone Advertisement Banned in Iceland

I thought this was a joke. I really did.

Cultural differences. Those of us that spend much of our life chatting in BBM should be totally used to them by now. Something which someone finds normal, other’s may find very offensive. When I saw this particular iPhone advertisement, I thought it had to be a joke. A joke along the lines of comedy which tries to offend the senses. Turns out, it was real.

An Icelandic retailer, Macland, made a cute little animated iPhone commercial. In the commercial, a child opens a Christmas gift and pulls out a new mobile phone. The child dances happily, then the phone explodes and blows the child’s face off, revealing a cute little skull.

Yep. That happened.

Flip to a second child. And it freaking happens again!

Yep. That happened twice.

Now we flip to a third child. This child opens her phone, and dances happily. This child doesn’t blow off her face. This child got an iPhone, and states “Thanks mom and dad, for loving me.”

Wow. That totally happened.

Macland received a letter from the Icelandic Consumer Agency banning the retailer from using the advertisement.

The letter reads, almost comically, “It is the opinion of the Consumer Agency that Macland’s advertisement has the potential to send the message to children that phones other than iPhones could explode, with the consequence that their heads will be stripped to their skulls. And that parents that give other phones than iPhones are aware of these consequences.”

Macworld has four weeks to remove the advertisement from their social media, so watch it while you can.

I suppose this wasn’t a cultural difference. I suppose it was just bad taste.



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  • BlueTroll

    So, you’re saying the first three iPhones blew the kids’ faces off and the fourth didn’t. Bad ad.