iPhone 7 May Not Have Dual Speakers

Apple has decided to do away with the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 in favor of dual speakers. Except that may not be a second speaker.

iPhone-7-speaker-grille-closed-off (1)

Sometimes I really wonder about those that use iPhone. Apple consistently offers less than their competition in terms of function, yet demand an ever increasing premium price. iPhone users continue to pay it. Realistically, let’s look at Apple’s most recent innovations.

Fingerprint sensor: Motorola offered this convenience feature a full two years before Apple brought it to the iPhone as a killer security feature. Only to see it hacked less than 24 hours after release.

Force Touch: Anyone remember the BlackBerry Storm from 2008? Ok, so the actual use is different on the iPhone, yet the way Apple is utilizing it, the feature can easily be duped with software on any phone.

Apple Pay: Canadians were using their BlackBerry Bold for NFC payments back in 2011. To add further insult to injury, Apple has handicapped NFC to not allow such useful functions as file transfer or even the ability to use NFC tags. Instead, NFC on the iPhone is really only used for a function which earns Apple money.

OLED Screen: Ok, Apple doesn’t actually have this yet. It’s not even expected on the upcoming iPhone 7. Those that are constantly hoping the next iPhone has what the current is missing, are hopeful for OLED screens on the 2017 iPhones. Is Apple the last manufacturer to use OLED screens? I think so.

The biggest news of the upcoming iPhone 7 is not a feature at all. It’s the removal of a feature. Everything points to the Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone. Most people outside the Apple community are having a hearty laugh at this. Really now, how poor a decision is this? The iPhone which already can’t make it a full day with power, will now be expected to use Bluetooth headphones, or a pair which connects to Apple’s proprietary (of course) lightning jack. Take a moment to think about that. We all know how much juice Bluetooth uses. Those of us on BlackBerry’s don’t need to worry about this. iPhone users? It won’t be pretty. If they take the wired route, users won’t be able to listen to music while charging their phones. This may just be a fail of epic proportions.

Those within the Apple community are definitely looking to make lemonade out of lemons. Some are expecting that with the loss of the headphone jack, the internal space will afford a larger battery. CNET reported that the iPhone’s battery would grow from 1715 mAh to 1960 mAh. Really folks, that’s nothing to be proud of. The new midrange BlackBerry DTEK50 packs a 2610 mAh battery.


The other pitcher of lemonade which iPhone users have been especially proud of is the idea of dual speakers. We’ve all seen the leaked photos of the iPhone 7 with the dual speaker grills that flank the iPhone’s charging port. I’ve often wondered why a phone which grew out of a digital media player had such a poor speaker. Finally, the iPhone may be hitting the modern age of sound. However, that may not be happening. MacRumors is reporting that new leaks show the new speaker grill to be nothing more than a home for the microphone. The additional holes are nothing more than cosmetic.

A new iPhone, that looks and feels just like the last one, except or the removal of features, and a tease of features hat could have been? This may just be the phone that leaves iPhone users with nothing but a sour taste.




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